Tuesday, December 29, 2009

[Show] APOPA Show # 25

Week #25!!!!

It’s the FINAL show of 2009!!
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This show is a tad bit long obviously in order to run down all of the things that happened in 2009 plus play back old clips from the show and play all the hits of 2009. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

  • Korekara minnade mechakucha odotte sawagou sawagou.
  • Music Station Live 2009 run down.
  • Arashi fight!
  • TOP what happened????
  • Hobos, Kurosagi hair, and crappy HSJ!
  • Music Core Special run down.
  • 9 members of Super Junior…DNW!
  • Betty & Cyn fight over “lips”
  • 2009 was the year of the ladies.
  • Miyavi sama!!! Marriage, baby, and leaving PSC Company.
  • Janine is back!

  • What’s wrong with being naked?
  • Gold fro??? NOOOO!!!!!
  • Thanks Johnny!
  • Singing montage!
  • Korea banning songs.
  • How much for Indian Boy costumes??
  • Scissor poses! Salty faces! Raining men! It’s only TVXQ!
  • Again, and again, and again, and again.
  • Pink matador outfit, it can only be eyebrows.

  • Drugs! Blood!

  • Is the swine gone yet?

  • Onew fainted a lot this year.

  • Cyn City fuck up montage.

  • The US invasion.

  • Betty vs Julili…FIGHT!!

  • Big, big, big, BIG BANG!

  • The best TOP’s Thoughts of the year.

  • APOPA random montage.

  • Johnny’s corner year run down.

  • Eyebrows vs YAMAPIIII Montage.


  • The last Korean Word of the week for the year.

  • APOPA top 10 singles & top 5 artist of 2009.

  • Final thoughts on 2009.

  • Shoutouts, thank you’s, and SHOW ANNOUCEMENT!
We here at APOPA want to truly thank you guys out there for listening and being supportive of the show. We didn’t think we’d have the following that we have now thus far but you continue to amaze us. We hope that 2010 is a better year for not only the j & k pop scenes but also for us and all of you. We promise to bring you a bigger, badder and funnier Asian Pop Addict radio show in 2010. Hopefully we’ll even have an artist on. *crosses fingers*


Songs Played on This Weeks Show:
After School- Ah
News- Koi ABO
Mc Mong- Indian Boy
Ayumi Hamasaki- Sparkle
Brown Eyed Girls- Abracadabra
Girls Generation/SNSD- Gee
B’z- Ichibu to Zenbu
G-Dragon- Heartbreaker
Straightener- Lightning
2PM- Again, Again
TVXQ- Stand By U
Epik High feat Mellow- Wannabe
Baseball Bear- Love Mathematics
BoA- Energetic
Utada Hikaru- Come Back To Me
Se7en- Girls
Koda Kumi- Ectasy
Big Bang- Gara! Gara! Go!
The Bawdies- Oh My Darlin
Daichi Miura- Delete My Memories
FT Island- I Hope
KAT-TUN- Rescue
Eun Ji Won- Siren
Arashi- Everything
Wheesung- Insomnia
Fly To The Sky- Restriction
Buck Tick- Galaxy
Drunken Tiger- Monster (Korean version)
Super Junior- Sorry, Sorry


  1. What a good show!! I'm finally done with 2009 shows!

    Thanks to Betty for playing that FTTS song! I fell in lust--I mean love with Brian and Hwanhee on Strong Heart and downloaded their entire FTTS discography but because I knew it mostly ballads, I never really listened because I have to be in the mood for ballads. Anyway, that was a good song, thanks, Betty!

    The montages were awesome! And Cyn, I love and sympathize with your fuckups. Sometimes I feel like I would mess up the same way. Don't let them other hos get to you, girl. :P

    Continuing with 2010 shows now...

  2. @Geek God

    YAY!! Congrats with finally getting 09 out the way lol.

    I'm happy to know I'm not alone.