Tuesday, April 13, 2010

[Show] APOPA Show # 39

Week #39

When the hell is the news going to pick up??? Oh well, MORE MUSIC!

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  • Bollywood crunk!
  • Random talk.
  • New names.
  • Crabs!!

  • Animals!!
  • Cyn’s dumb fail.
  • Chitty Chitty.
  • Jay’s no longer in the bathroom!
  • Condoms & underwear. Keep it classy Philippines.

  • Steamy engrish hug.
  • Hiding deaths.
  • Rankings!
  • Stop making up words Daigo!
  • Making Betty do things again.
  • KBS…stop.
  • Wonder Girls live chat.
  • Tiffany….porn!
  • New Japanese releases!
  • Hard Gay!

  • Worst maners.
  • Make me money.
  • D D D I….
  • Go Mao!
  • It’s black. It’s white.
  • BSB talk.

  • Let’s just oust Cyn.
  • News about a certain group…
  • Pwned by salty face.
  • Drama News.
  • Chan Ho Park has…
  • NEW SEGMENT: Pick a name!
  • Betty’s Korean Word of the Week.
  • Johnnys Corner

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Songs Played on This Show:
Ayumi Hamasaki- Lady Dynamite
Taegoon- Superstar
Bennie Becca- Kashmiri Girl
Lee Hyori feat Ceejay of Fresh Boys- Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Breakerz- Shunrenka
Perfume- Natural Ni Koishite
Asian Kung Fu Generation- Solanin
Rain- Hip Song
KAT-TUN- Ai No Command
Zeebra- Take Over (All Guns Up)
Rainie Yang- Lang Lai Le
Wonder Girls- You’re Out
Yuki- Zokkondition
Sakanaction- Aruku Around
Perfume- Fushizen Na Girl
BENI- Gimme Gimme
Towa Tei- Let Me Know
SHINee- Romantic
Kanjani8- Osaka Romanesque
LM.C- Ghost Heart
Kato Miliyah- Bye Bye
Mihimaru GT- Omedetou
Namie Amuro- Wild

Random Videos:
Pitcher, Chan Ho Park from the NY Yankees has some "issues"
Credit: jet8094 @YT

Super Junior fan cam from SS 2
Credit: greenict & yaany79 @YT

This kid just wants some noodles...
Credit: Yebsite @YT


  1. Out of this entire show. and even tho none of this is news anymore. I love how I am not the only that used to be OBSESSED with a Baby Story.

    I have no freakin idea why?!
    I just Had to say something about that. Awesome show girls. :D

  2. @suzieeq-luv I was OBSESSED with that show and a wedding story....lmfao I have no idea why.

    Thanks for the luv!!!

  3. Chan Ho Park LMAO!!!
    I laughed about that for like 20 minutes straight lol.

    And I don't know what it is but Betty and Ana singing together is kinda nice. Your voices kinda blended and I was like ooooooo.

  4. @Displaced Korean
    I had to re watch the clip again since I haven't seen it in months and it's still LOL for me.


  5. @suzieeq-luv I was OBSESSED with that show and a wedding story....lmfao I have no idea why.

    Thanks for the luv!!!