Wednesday, June 22, 2011

[Ghei Of The Week] Week #93

Say goodbye to your Yaoi & etc...

Via Arama They Didnt!

Read here to get a better Idea of what is going on:

In summary, the tokyo government has just passed a law that directly targets Anime, Manga, and Games! They are censoring things to such an extreme degree that it is likely to put many anime and manga publishing/producing companies out of business.

Any anime, manga, or game that depicts: Violence, Sex, Crime, Homosexuality (Yup, girls there goes your Yaoi), anything that could be construed as "a bad influence on youth", anything of the above depicting minors, and more... (and there goes any Ecchi manga, any student/teacher, incest, age gap, and most shoujo series)

All of which is now a crime to Own, Create, or Sell.

Many mangas will probably be put to an end as they will no longer be legal.

Such examples as To Love-ru!, Wolf Guy, Deadman Wonderland, etc.

With this law, for a series to be legal, the antagonist would either have to be related to the Care Bears, or completely nonexistent. Without an antagonist, there is no plot. Without some kind of crime/evil there is not real antagonist. How do you create a series without a plot? Even 4-koma has a plot... sort of.

The mastermind behind this is Tokyo Governor ShintarĊ Ishihara, who blatantly shows no care for the illustrated entertainment industry. He claims that the law is to protect the youth of japan, yet he himself is the author of a series of schoolgirl gang rape novels.

The law is coming into effect April 2011, and will come out in full force in July 2011.

Kadokawa (Anime Producing Company) has declared that they will fight the new law.

Feel free to offer them your support: (Page in Japanese)

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