Wednesday, August 13, 2014

[MOD POST] Who Want's This?


We are the artist formerly known as, Asian Pop Addict.

Yes, we suck! We know it!!! We haven't done a show in over a year and a half!!!! Crazy!

The hiatus lasted longer than expected for numerous reasons. But we'll get into that later on.

For now...we need your help!

We're looking into revamping the show a little bit. The girls and I have been thinking, "How do we make the shows shorter?", #1 answer on the board is....stop yammering so damn much! Well....that's impossible. Once we start talking we can't stop! Lol. But we have been thinking about cutting the music out of the shows. With youtube and every other portal on the interwebs for you to access music, there's really no need for us to have music breaks. We'll play snippets of songs that caught our attention for whatever reason and talk about them but I think a good chunk of the load of our shows tend to be the music breaks.

Since you all will be the ones listening, what do you think? Good idea or naw?

Feel free to express what items you would like for us to keep and get rid of when we re-launch APOPA.

Yes....i said re-launch....for real this time.

Drop a comment below!

See you sooooooooon!

-Cyn City


  1. A revamp huh?
    Cutting out the music isn't a bad idea at all since I follow up on the latest music releases pretty well. Other than news updates, a small music review section would be a great idea. There are a lot of comebacks I'd love to hear your thoughts on. Also, anime and drama reviews can stay. I've been trying to find shows to watch and I love to hear any recommendations from you guys.

    BTW, if anyone doesn't recognize my username this is Kristy.

  2. YESSS! I'm so excited you guys are coming back. I honestly loved how long your shows are, I did enjoy the music but If you must cut it down I think that would be the best way because I love all the segments you do. :) - Loyal APOPA fan

  3. Hey boos, I recommend listening to a few of Kingsley's podcasts. They are about an hour and really work well.

  4. I think sticking with talking over song play will be fine. Most of the time I skip the songs anyway... the fun of the podcast is just hanging to talk out your peeves and freakouts. Also depending on how you want to come back, I personally like the discussions over reading a list of "news". That could cut your time down and let things flow naturally.

  5. This is great news! Cutting out the music would be fine. When I think of all the podcasts I listen to these days, they don't have music. At most, short snippets would be ok for discussion purposes. Needs more Bollywood tho ;)

  6. that works for me, all I need is a snippet to tell if I wanna find out more anyway. The things I like about the show 1. I like you guys so I like hearing what you're up to and hearing the banter and shade 2. I am bad about keeping up with the news so I like hearing Kpop news 3. Possibly hearing new songs

  7. I don't mind the shows being shorter, i just want you girls back. I still love the No Shade corner, so if yall could bring that back it would be great! :)

  8. I loved the long shows too, but if we gatta, then cut the music. We're here for the discussion mainly anyway.

    LOL but seriously I excited for your comeback.
    I'm may be in the minority but I love it when your podcasts are long and I enjoy when you play music. If you feel though that cutting the music will be better then I guess playing 1-2 songs as breaks wouldn't be so bad. Short but not too short. Or maybe play songs when you do special episodes like how you did before "favorite remixed songs" "favorite live songs", etc.

  10. OMG!!!

    Well, first of all. I'm sorry for be a bitch with you once on twitter. I was bitter because I thought APOPA's podcasts would NEVER happen again.

    But, let's talk about APOPA's COMEBACK!!

    I really liked the 5-6 hours long podcast, but I understand it's dificult to record and edit. So... cut the music and put a link to a YT's playlist. So you can use APOPA's channel (on the YT) as much as the blog.

  11. I loved the show exactly how it was but if cutting the music down means we get to find you on itunes podcasts then HELL YEA!!
    whatever you decide to change up, just give us APOPA show coz we miss you guys so damn much ;-;
    and don't stop yammering so damn much! coz that's what we're here for x_x

  12. I think cutting out the music is good idea, I listen to two other podcasts for pop culture in America and they don't do music except maybe for the intro. But I def think you could include music recs in a post of the week. Even if you want to do snippets. I don't mind cutting the shows to 1hr - 2hrs. Keep the shade, the nugu corner. You all are better be coming back ;a;

  13. Cut the music and give us the shade.

    I'll take anything tbh. JUST COME BACK.

  14. Love, love, love the shade! Keep that! The shows were long and I enjoyed working out to them, but I totally understand you guys wanting to shorten whatever you need to long as you guys come back!! We've missed you!

  15. For starters *smacks you all with a sparkly fishes fish* Do you know how much we have missed you?!?!?!?! *hugs* It's okay we forgive you lol
    But ya keep EVERYTHING (especially the no shade corner), cut the music. I use to skip the music a lot to get back to the shenanigans anyway. Btw is the Church of Siwon still happening or.....

  16. Do whatever you need to do, just come back!