Tuesday, December 15, 2009

[Show] APOPA Show # 23

Week #23

It’s Betty’s bday special!!!
It’s a celebration!!!!
(or download it from iTunes or Zune)

  • What’s your sign?
  • What do you plan on doing with your life?
  • Chris from Family Guy is on the show!! Sorta...
  • WTF is going on at the Cheesecake Factory?
  • Random Betty facts.
  • Golden Disk Awards round up.
  • What’s going on Heechul?
  • All these award shows are rigged.
  • Dori chan serenades Betty.
  • WTF Buju Banton???
  • Gold diggers unite!
  • 2 Jewelry members quit!
  • More G Dragon controversy.
  • YG punked out.
  • BoA’s album will be released!
  • Memorial service for Hide.
  • One Piece is banking.
  • Betty’s bday mashup.
  • Cyn City= Mike Tyson
  • Karaoke again…PIST OFF!
  • Namie Amuro on tour!
  • Koda Kumi please stop with the covers.
  • Netizens, STFU!
  • TOP is gangsta as fuck!
  • Betty remind.
  • The final TOP’s Thoughts of the year.
  • Send us your 5 fav songs & stories of 2009!
  • JYP wants to step down as CEO.
  • YG vs JYP
  • Koyote member has a brain tumor.
  • Gaktism
  • Japan= drugs
  • TVXQ…as the world turns.
  • Hero ratings…he’s NOT a panther.
  • Ayumi is not dating?
  • Why a gossip girl manga????
  • Praise Shisus no AKB48!!
  • Music Station Super Live line up announced.
  • Johnny’s corner!
  • SMAP Shop= Swap Shop
  • The first Korean Word of the Week.
  • Kiss me, Love me…*barf*
  • MBLAQing
  • More random Betty facts…it gets gross.
Send us your xmas requests for next weeks show. Also start sending in your top 5 songs of 2009 plus what you think the top stories were of 2009 and email them to us at asianpopaddict@gmail.com

Songs Played on this Week’s Show:
Super Junior- Sorry, Sorry, Answer
U-Kiss- Man Man Hani
Namie Amuro- Fast Car
Asian Kung-Fu Generation- Angou No Waltz
Mc Mong- Circus
Uhm Jung Hwa feat TOP- Disco
Koda Kumi & Misono- It's All Love
TVXQ- Balloons
Eun Ji Won- Siren
Big Bang- Lalala
KAT-TUN- Don't You Ever Stop
SS501- Ur Man


  1. Omg.. He did sounds exactly like Chris! That laugh! o_o!

    Jelly in hamburgers? ... o_o;;

    Hope you had a great birthday, Betty!

    Looking forward to the next show~ ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS APOPA!

  2. @Lisazilla

    Chris is still on my mind and it's been over a week now. lmao

    Betty is gross.

    awwww all we want for xmas is Lisazilla!!!!

    -Cyn City

  3. All of your shows are awesome but something about this one is truly amazing lol.
    The Chris-Cheesecake Factory story: fucking hilarious!
    The Betty clips: also fucking hilarious!
    And I enjoyed the Karaoke Man Man Ha Ni so much!!
    I'm a hardcore U-kiss fan and I was so proud of Anna for knowing so many of the lyrics!!

    And props for playing that Namie Amuro song! That was the second Amuro song I fell in love with and I love the video cuz her clothes are awesome!

  4. @Geek God

    I wish I could agree with you but I don't remember what happened on this show lol. I guess I'll go back and listen to this one.


  5. @Geek God

    I wish I could agree with you but I don't remember what happened on this show lol. I guess I'll go back and listen to this one.