Tuesday, January 5, 2010

[Show] APOPA Show # 26

Week #26

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  • NEW OPEN!!!
  • It’s such a good vibration!
  • Betty is sick!!! Eck!
  • Are we going to die in 2 years?
  • Oh sureeee pick on Cyn…AGAIN!
  • Year end shows in Korea & Japan wrap up.
  • Yes, yes, yes Joon!
  • Ohhhh Heechul…
  • Gahee is the shit!
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  • What’s wrong with this?
  • Are you crying?? There’s no crying in kpop!
  • The new trend: Salty face.
  • Kanjani8 saved Johnny’s Countdown.
  • Get rid of the hat!!!
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  • The rant continues after the music set.
  • The Men of Winter?? Hmmmm great idea!
  • The Shinhwa reunion?
  • These are the days of TVXQ lives as the world turns.
  • Meisa Kuroki is HOT!
  • Oppa Can I?
  • Wonder Girls wins the race to the US.
  • Getting married on holidays is cheesy.
  • Tokyo Girls Style= Hey! Say! Jump!
  • Mahalo
  • Crystal Kay & Hey! Say! Jump! Why???
  • TOP & Daesung albums this year. YAY!
  • Who’s the top Hallyu star?
  • Ana’s Artist Profile: Super Nova
  • Remember rap when it use to be fun as hell?
  • News run down.
  • Netizens of need to STFU already.
  • Why is race still an issue in 2010???
  • How can you hate on this adorable kid?
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  • More BS news rundown.
  • Let’s all prank phone call Japanese police.
  • Lets make fun of Cyn City day!!
  • Johnny’s Corner!: Jin needs to get his shit together.
  • Betty’s Korean word of the week: It’s too hard! (that’s what she said) plus NEW OPEN!!!
  • MBLAQ corner.
  • TVXQ breaking news…

Next week is our Men of Winter special! Lol
I forgot to mention this but for anyone living in the South Florida area we will be going to the Morikami Museum in Delray Beach, FL for the Japanese New Year Festival, so if you're in the area and wanna meet up or just say what's up drop us a comment and let us know.

Songs played on this week’s show
Perfume- One Room Disco
Seungri- Strong Baby
TVXQ- Survivor (Tokyo Dome Live)
Meisa Kuroki- Are Ya Ready?
E.via- Oppa Can I?
Supernova- Super Star
GREeeeN- Haruka
Clazziquai- Love Again
Tablo & MYK- For The Kids
Tasha- Pay Day
Awoi- Meloncholy
Beast- Mystery
Minmi- Sha na na (Japanese Wine)
Namolla Family- Breakdown
W-inds- Upside Down
Ayumi Hamasaki- You Were…
DNT- Crazily Pretty

Random Videos:

Watch Jin not give a fuck at 3:03

Tablo & MYK- For the kids
I LOVE that they used the Pharcyde instrumental.

Meisa Kuroki
She’s just hot.

Supernova- Super Star

Drunken Tiger and his adorable son Jordan


  1. I haven't finished listening to this episode yet but Ana said, "Fuck Them Bitches," in reference to the people giving E.via a hard time about her rap subject matter.... I just had to make sure you ladies have heard this song called, "Fuck Them Bitches." I play this whenever I feel oppressed lol.


  2. OMFG, this Tablo, MYK track is HOT!

    *bumps hard*

  3. @Geek God

    LOL I did not know Kelis had this song but it's a good jam. Thanks for sharing.

    I love that song too!