Monday, February 1, 2010

[Show] APOPA Show # 29 & 30 Haiti SUPER SHOW!

Week 29 & 30 SUPER SHOW!!!

(You can also download it from iTunes & Zune. This a big show so please give it time to download)

We had one mission in mind and that was to raise awareness for Haiti. We said we were going to go six hours but we went further and did 7 plus hours!! It was all for Haiti. We had our usual fun and even debuted some new segments such as, "Betty's Drama Corner" and Dori-Chan's "Movie Review". I also FINALLY made an opening for the "TVXQ days of our lives" was a big hit! lol

We also spoke with Cyn City's co worker, Claude who has a heartbreaking story of dealing with losing 10 family members in the Haiti earthquake.

We truly want to thank all those who rode out with us on ustream for 7 plus hours. Whether you only stayed for a few minutes or whether you stayed the whole entire time, we appreciate & thank YOU! Also to all the callers who called in. All our peeps on twitter. Also please check out a poem inspired by Haiti written by "The Agency".

Also big shout out to Korean Hip Hop star Drunken Tiger JK for being so outspoken about this tragedy. He started a movement and we're just here to keep it going. Much luv JK!

There was tons of laughs, and even a few Cyn City fails but the main focus was Haiti, please don't forget that. Also FYI we will have somethings up for auction. Things like a signed Wonder Girls cd, a pair of cool headphones and very cool kpop pins. More info to come and of course all the money goes to Haiti.

Partners In Health
Red Cross
Doctors without Borders

Now onto the show!!!

Music Played On This Week's Show
Jo Kwon & Whale- Dunk Shoot
Namie Amuro- My Love
Girls Generation- Oh!
Perfume- Secret, Secret
Jay Z, Bono, The Edge, Rihanna- Stranded
Super Junior- Sorry, Sorry
May feat. Wise- Hero, Hero
Trax- Cold Hearted Man
Far East Movement- Girls On The Dance Floor
After School- Because of You remix
AI- Story
S.H.E.-Super Star
Typhoon- Only You
Asian Kung Fu Generation- Ao no Uta
Zhang Li Yin & Xiah Junsu- Timeless
Big Bang- Number 1
Jennifer Hudson- Let It Be
BoA feat. Daichi Miura- Possibility
Alice Nine- Rainbows
TVXQ- Break Out!
Tokio- Ashita Wo Mezashite
Wilber Pan- Bu De Bu Ai Gotta Love You Mandarin version
F.cuz- Jiggy
B-Free- Let's Go
Anna Tsuchiya feat. MONKEY MAJIK- GINGER
Kamenashi Kazuya- Kizuna
Daesung- Cotton Candy
Epik High feat. Kero One, Dumbfoundead, MYK & Rakaa (of Dilated Peoples)- Rocksteady
Doberman Inc.- Brand New Day
L'Arc~En~Ciel- Bless
Clazziquai- Rapunzel
SHINee- Love Like Oxygen
Supernova- Super Star
Ukiss- Man Man Ha Ni
Drunken Tiger JK feat T- Feel Good Music


  1. You ladies did so great! Damn, I can hardly imagine doing a show for seven plus hours, but you guys pulled it off... it was really fun to be able to participate in the show with you via Ustream :] Your TVXQ Days of our Lives thingy had me cracking up XD I'm downloading the show now (3 hours remaining 0.o) because I want to listen to all the funny stuff I missed :P



  2. @soju42

    I'm glad you enjoyed it!! Thank u sooo much for being apart of the ustream crew. You guys really kept us going.

    -Cyn City

  3. wow, i didn't know i missed that much (going to get dinner and coming back). Also, for not checking kpop news site for 4 days... = =
    and i hear Chinese songs @@ ?!?!
    great job!!
    you should do this more often (Ustream + live chat) ^^

  4. @csheng

    Must have been a good dinner. :)
    ya we'll do ustream every onec and awhile. thanks for listening!!
    -Cyn City

  5. i almost died watching you guys on ustream!!!!! TVXQ Days of our Lifes killed me!! it reminded me of when i watched it back in the day ( lol im 15 so you guys do you the math XD) thank you guys for making my day :)

  6. @xxmunaxx

    Ur a baby!!! lol I'm 26, I remember watching that back in the day. I'm glad everyone liked it so much lol.

    Thanks for listening!!
    -Cyn City