Tuesday, April 6, 2010

[CONTEST] Make Us A Banner!!

We're holding our very first contest!!! Are you excited?? Well damn it you should be!

We are in desperate need of a new banner. We here at Asian Pop Addict aren't very savvy when it comes to photo shop and quite frankly we don't have time to do it, so that is why we're turning to our talented listeners to help us out! We've seen all the great banners and icons you guys make so hopefully you can help us out.

Here's what we need. We need 1 banner for our header at the top of the website. It has to be 970 pixels in width and 250 pixels in length. The width can't change but the length we can work out. We would prefer a black background since our site's main color is black but if you have any other colors that you think might look good then try it out. All we really want is an awesome banner that says "Asian Pop Addict" and a couple of our fav jpop and kpop artist. If you listen to the show then you know who we like. Add artist that aren't just pop artist but also rock, rap, etc.

So you might be saying "So what do we get if we do this for you?" Well, if you help us out the winner of this banner contest will win a cd or dvd (of a reasonable price) from Yes Asia or CD Japan!

Send all your banner entries to asianpopaddict@gmail.com by April 18th.

Good luck!