Tuesday, April 27, 2010

[Show] APOPA Show # 41

Week #41
It's another week of us rambling about the latest in K-Pop & J-Pop. 

You know you wanna listen!!

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  • OMG! Shoes!
  • Intervention…auto tune!
  • Old? Bat shit crazy?
  • Plagiarism! dun, Dun, DUN!
  • Congrats Eun Ji Won!
  • Time 100 poll is in!!
  • Drama awards!
  • AnAn polls rule!
  • Radio station fun!
  • BIG APOPA NEWS!!!!!!!!
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  • Bring back the shows.
  • Kim Yuna vs Mao Asada part 565465456253848
  • Drama corner!
  • Otaku Low Down!
  • Free pancakes!
  • “Yell we want prenup, WE WANT PRENUP, YEAAAA”
  • Kim Tae…
  • Idols dating? SHOCK!
  • Fans…stfu.
  • Jay, Teddy Riley, T-Pain, Snoop Dog?
  • Kero One heading to the bay!
  • TV….XQ
  • Seungri loves himself.
  • World record for the largest orgy goes too…
  • Betty’s Korean Word of the Week.
  • Pop Quiz time!
  • The lulzy hour.
  • Last minute breaking news.
  • Johnny’s corner brought to you by: Happiness

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Songs Played On this Show:
Masamixes- Burning Abracadabra Fire
Gummy- There Is No Love
Zeebra feat. AI, Namie Amuro, & Mummy- Do What You Gotta Do
2PM- Without U
Dumbfounded, Clara, & Jay Park- Clouds
Vanilla City- I’ll Be On Your Side
Angela Aki- Kagayaku Hito
Tegomass- Moshimo, Kono Sekai Kara OO ga Nakunattara
H.O.T.- Candy
Bump Of Chicken- Maho no Ryori ~Kimi kara Kimi e~
Elva Hsiao- Biao Bai
E-Tribe feat Hyuna- Outlaw In The Wind
Emi Maria feat. Jay’ed- We Standing Strong
Outsider feat Joy- Summer Confession
Hanah- For You And With You
Masamixes- Sorry Smells Like Easy Ding
Abingdon Boys Of School- Strength
Ayaka- Mikazuki
Akanishi Jin- Care

Random Videos:

Did After School “steal” the dance moves? You be the judge
Credit: JustDoAndKeepOn @YT

Epik High on CNN Talk Asia
Credit: CNN.com

Kelly “Shoes”
Credit: LiamKyleSullivan @ YT

Kelly “Let Me Borrow That Top”
Credit: LiamKyleSullivan @ YT

Dumbfounded feat. Jay Park & Clara “Clouds”
Credit: Dumbfounded @ YT


  1. Key dating a girl? Yeah Heechul and Jokwon too...

  2. The beginning of the show was epic with that song! LOL And with the fandom thing I think it depends on the person because I know people that are older get even more fanatical because they have money LOL. But it could happen vice versa too ^^

    and thanks for the shoutout :D

  3. @Music4urSoul

    LOL that's true. The more money you have the more you want to spend.


  4. Omg that shoes song just made my week! What made it even funnier was u guys singing along and the mv is just...odd lol and I love the news that jae has a new boy toy aka Yamapi XD U guys rock as usual!

  5. Can't listen to the new shows yet but have you guys finally discovered Kelly or did you just decide to include her in this week's show? I fucking love Kelly! Let me borrow that top... let me borrow that FUCKING TOP!

  6. @elphiascutie3

    OMG...Shoes! The visual of us singing it is even funnier...lol. <3

    No, Ana and I knew about Kelly for like 2 years now. "yea I called you fat, your a fat fucking betch cuz you wont' let me borrow that top!"


  7. I enjoyed the show. I especially loved the videos with Kelly. That song in my head for life....OMG SHOES!

    Im wondering will there be any commentary on Junsu's Intoxication video. I shall wait and see.

  8. Oh the rant about fandom obsession was something nice and different to hear from you guys. I think becoming older might have something to do with it because I think that when you're older you start to care less about trivial things. But then again because of the internet nowadays I think it's easier to get obsessed and you see more people in their late 30s and shit writing anime fics and it's just like... I dunno I can't picture myself like that at that age. But ultimately I just think it's the difference between people. Some get more emotionally invested than others and I like what Ana said about being more 'logical', I am like that too. Whenever I start to get slightly emotional about something/someone that I have no control over I have to take two steps back and criticize myself. It's pointless in the end... I wouldn't lie and say that I don't like looking at aesthetically-pleasing pictures but I do know what you mean. I'm not one to obsess over the trivial things for long. And those people that go gaga over 3 versions of a CD- UGH. I've only done it once with both versions of Namie's WILD/Dr., but that was because I was really starving for new stuff from her and just idk liked both of the covers too much rofl. Speaking of Namie, she's the only celeb whom I can safely say I've admired the most and followed the closest. I used to not think any celebs were worth my time until I discovered her muzaks and such. Some people just find certain people more fascinating than others... but then some get all stalker-ish and overprivileged that it just pisses me off and makes me not want to really commute with fans in general. Ugh, so I hope I never come off as that kind of fan too. I think those are the kinds of fans who just make people look bad. I just want to try and show my support for people who inspire me the best I can. *iz passioante*

  9. lol look at me go on and on + not leave my name!!!