Wednesday, August 25, 2010

[Show] APOPA Show # 56

Week #56

Don't freak out! APOPA is here to save the day! Another week of jpop and kpop.

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  • I wanna be a billionaire so fucking bad!
  • Back to school!
  • Cyn took an IQ test.
  • Stop the violence in the world people.
  • TOP, Hitler, and Sesame Street.
  • SM Town and A- Nation round up.
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  • Yunho and Changmin solo albums?
  • Big Bang is back in Korea!
  • Betty has to make the biggest decision in her life… MC Mong or Eun Ji Won??

  • AKB48 mouse pads boobs.
  • New poll! Japan has no faith in Akanishi Jin lol.
  • Big Bang 1N2D parody.
  • Who wants to go to SM Town in LA?
  • Make One Way an album cover!
  • China man almost committed suicide?
  • MBLAQ goes to school!
  • Edison Chen and Lady Gaga?
  • Ana’s Artist Profile: Suneohair
  • Miss J in a sailor suit.
  • Men of Summer 2010 is next week!!!!
  • Yoochun’s drama starts next week!
  • FT Island is back in Korea.
  • This bitch is cray cray. You didn’t bang a SHINee member.
  • Naked Boys….DNW Butta face.

  • North Korea has now joined facebook.
  • “It’s so fucking cold” Otaku Corner a.k.a “Burrr” Otaku Corner.
  • Betty’s Korean Word of the Week.
  • Kanjani8 with instruments= WIN!
  • Johnny’s Corner: Tego with a blonde girl…SHOCK!
  • Betty is a fake fan girl!
  • 50 STICHES!!! NOT 5! 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ana jumps onto the band wagon.
  • Shing shing!
  • How did we get into these songs???
  • Team Pipi!

    Songs Played on this Weeks Show:
    Yellow Monsters- Christie!
    Taeyang- I’ll Be There (Korean version)
    MAX- Cat’s Eye
    TVXQ- Break Out!
    Akanishi Jin- Love Juice
    JQT- No Need To Know
     Aya Kamiki- Summer Memories
    Rain- Freeway
    Morning Musume- Koi No Dance Site
    Suneohair- Tokimeki Schneider
    Anna Tsuchiya- Shout In The Rain
    Aria feat Anty the Kunoichi- Burnin Love
    Supernova- On Days That I Missed You
    Jo Sun Mo- I Want To Cheat
    Kreva- Shunkan Speechless
    SCANDAL- Taiyou To Kimi Ga Egaku Story
    Kanjani8- LIFE~ Menomae No Muko E


    1. Squeeee!! Yay! My request was the first song on the show! Thanks ladies! Made my day SO much better!

    2. This show was good.. I thought Betty was describing a muppets movie, so I had to rewind to figure out it was all in her head xD
      and then the last min. of the show, talking about the PiPi team xD
      I want to know how the men of summer show is going to turn out.

    3. @daydreaminglotus

      You're welcome!

      LOL Betty's dream was very much random and weird. Next week should be full of lulz and sexiness.


    4. Aww it was so nice to hear "LoveJuice" again. :D