Thursday, October 7, 2010

[Contest] What's His Motherf**king Name?!?!


Who want's to win MIYAVI's new album "What's My Name?" which comes out October 13th??

We're soooo excited to announce our next APOPA contest! First off we would like to give a HUGE thanks to the good folks over at CD Japan for not only giving us the prizes but for sponsoring this contest.

On the next show we will once again be playing our favorite game called "Find the hidden sound byte." If you remember the last time we played this game we inserted the "intervention clip" of the man crying really ugly in a few songs and the first person who emailed us with the correct songs of where the clipped was placed won the prize!

So here's how you win. Make sure you're around your computer next Tuesday the 12th around 7pm EST and look for when the next APOPA show is released. Once we release it make sure to download it and listen to it right away. First person who email's us with where the hidden clip was placed wins the prize. Just an FYI, unlike the last time where the clip was placed just in songs, this time it can be placed anywhere during the show so you're gonna have to listen to the whole show. You didn't think we make this easy did you? :)

Here's the best part....we have more than one album to giveaway!!!

Tune in, listen & win!

All sponsored by CD the banners on the site :)


  1. just a quick question (love the site upgrade, doo doo addict is proud!). one of those CDs happen to be the CD/NTSBv2-DVD/Be@rbrick pack?'re not gonna tell me anyway, aren't you?? and also, i knew this was familiar, cuz you didn't say it on the live show, but you mentioned it on twitter that the contest was MYV-related last week!...really excited for this, im sure you know XD

  2. @Jaydork24 I'll never

    Yes, we kinda sorta mentioned it in twitter. Hooray! the day has come lol. Good luck!


  3. CD japan and APOPA is awesome.
    I'm not into Miyavi so I don't think I'll participate.. maybe if I listen to some of his songs before Tuesday ... then maybe xD

  4. @Joha lol yes listen to him and get into the contest lol