Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[Show] APOPA Show # 67

Week #67

It's been sooooo long!!! But we're back!!!

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  • Someone’s missing!
  • How do we do this again?
  • Why were we away so long?
  • KAT-TUN….HOT!!!

  • The weed has been taken out of the KAT-TUN flower.
  • Akanishi  Jin MTV Iggy concert review by Alisa.
  • MAMA Awards run down.
  • HUGE YG Big Bang news.
  • Aoi from the GazettE angers anime fans.
  • SDN48 goes super sexy in Japan’s weekly Playboy.
  • The 61st Kohaku Uta Gassen line up! No love for K-Pop?
  • Asia’s Top 10 Most Handsome Male list…#2 is WRONG!

  • TVXQ IS COMING BACK!!!!.....minus 3.
  • JYJ was a mess while we were away.
  • APOPA’s LA correspondent Janine talks about the JYJ LA show.
  • Condolences to the families of the fallen South Koreans.
  • Celebrities dating publicly, good or bad?
  • Oguri Shun seen cheating on Yamada Yu!?!?!

  • AI will be working with the Jacksons.
  • Mary J Blige is heading to South Korea & Japan.
  • Ana we miss you, Otaku Corner.
  • Leave Mr. Real Slow alone!
  • Gantz to be shown in the US come January.
  • 2NE1 to promote in the US, Canada, & Australia?
  • SM want’s Hankyung back?
  • Betty’s Korean Word of The Week.
  • Johnny’s corner. Lulzy rumors! 

  • Ahhhh the good ole Johnny days.
  • Shoutouts.
  • Check our our new youtube series! More to come soon!

Songs Played On This Show:
Kara- Jumping (Japanese)
UVERworld- No. 1
The Flowers- Just Good
KAT-TUN- Change Ur World
Untouchable- Jiggy Get Down (feat. Marco, Big Tray, Deepflow, 9c, Basick, Elly, Joe Brown, Woo Side, Vasco)
Speed- Let’s Heat Up
F.cuz- Midnight Sun
Utada Hikaru- Show Me Love (Not A Dream)
Orange Carmel- Aing~
SM The Ballad- Miss You
MBLAQ- Bang, Bang, Bang
Dumbfounded- Respect 16’s (feat. Dok2, MYK, Yankie, Rakaa, Mithra Jin, Tablo, Bizzy, Sean Rhee, Tiger JK)
The Kiddie- Black Side
JYJ- I Can Soar (Junsu Solo)
Arashi- Hatenai Sora


  1. I was looking through the song list before listening to the show and busted out laughing at Junsu's 'I Can Sour'. Lol I know the boys are messed up but stop expressing your thoughts in your typos.

    (by the way Junsu's english is sooo cute in I Can Soar! *fangirlz*)

  2. Omygawd I have missed you guys so much!

  3. glad you guys are back ^_^
    good to hear that Cyn's doing better, too bad Ana isn't but hope she does soon, miss her.

  4. Dori-chan doesn't come on the show all of the time so it was really fun to hear her! It didn't mess up with the flow of the show at all not to say that I didn't miss Ana! LOL!

  5. We all missed you too. Thanks for all the love. :)


  6. So I'm excited to see GANTZ, even dubbed!

  7. I was cracking up when you guys were talking about the TOP Family Outing episode LOL.
    Dori-chan is so awesome! Get a fourth mic, Cyn!

  8. @Displaced Korean

    If I had the money I would! lol


  9. @Displaced Korean

    If I had the money I would! lol