Tuesday, January 4, 2011

[Show] APOPA Show # 72

Week # 72
It’s the first show of 2011!!!
The show is jam packed with spazzing and other good lulz.

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  • Happy New Year!
  • Betty is feisty today.
  • Helloooooo MBLAQ.
  • Spazz time.
  • Don’t rush good music!
  • J Tune Camp/ J Tune Entertainment…WE’RE CONFUSED!!
  • Double, double, double, double, combo.
  • Akame is dead!
  • SBS, KBS, MBC Gayo Daejun run down.
  • You’re a hot mess SBS!
  • Uee and Hyuna hate debate.
  • Aing!
  • We’ve found the junior dead fish eyes.
  • The secret behind the dead fish eyes.
  • Fish lips vs Fish eyes.
  • Keep your head down, we’re reviewing the song & video.
  • Read what you sign!!!
  • SM Entertainment has been warned!
  • J-Pop wedding! Is she preggers???
  • We need a new word for…
  • Versailles in a drama!
  • Straightener on Ustream!!
  • Betty’s lazy “Drama Corner.”
  • Wrestling flashbacks…don’t ask.
  • North Korea loves soccer.
  • Daigo and sexy lady.
  • A bunch of Lucifer’s will head to Australia.
  • Upcoming J-Rock releases.
  • More wrestling flashbacks.
  • Who had illegal cable????
  • Rino Nakasone in Japan!
  • Edison Chen hates computers.
  • Betty’s Korean Word of the week. WOOOO!!!
  • Johnny’s Corner.
  • Shoutouts!
  • Betty is sooooo different.

  If you live in South Florida, we will be at the Morikami Museum this Sunday the 9th!
Come out & have fun!

Songs Played On This Show:
GD & TOP feat. Park Bom- Oh Yeah
MUCC- Libra
Daichi Miura- Drama
DJ Masa- Hot K-Pop 2010 Mashup (Part 2)
Meisa Kuroki- Bye Bye My Friend
Edison Chen- Running
TVXQ- Keep Your Head Down
Taeyang- I’ll Be There (English)
Urata Naoya feat. Ayumi Hamasaki- Dream On
MiChi- Love Is
Infinite- Voice Of My Heart
Lollipop F- Unscrupulous
Tim- Unnecessary Words
Def Teach feat. Lafa Taylor- Lift Up
Decipher- The Introduction


  1. Hahahaha totally just had to rewatch "Cry" because of what Ana pointed out. Joon's such a freak.

  2. your radio show is awsome!!! ya'll are soooooo funny!!! i didnt really like cry it reminded me of rain too much and i cant stand him......i like GD&TOP song knock out and the video is SICK!!!! i was/wasnt dissapointed with HoMin keep your head down song: dissapointed cause yunho rapped that annoying ass rap; not dissapointed cause the rest of the album(title is the same)
    is pretty good especially she, rumor, crazy....and i like YamaPi too!!!! (new listener)

  3. @K-Pop Addict Gurl, when Ana showed me that gif in slow motion...hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    @Anonymous Welcome aboard the crazy train!!! I love cry because it shows so much growth in MBLAQ vocally. The video for knock is hysterical. It's very them. I have yet to hear the whole homin album yet. I'll be sure to listen to it this weekend and review it on next week's show. YAMAPIIIIII!!!

    Thanks for listening!

  4. Hahahaha totally just had to rewatch "Cry" because of what Ana pointed out. Joon's such a freak.