Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[Show] APOPA Show # 73

Week #73
(On the show I said it was show #74 but it’s really #73…my bad.)

Lots of DRAMA went down this past week. Of course we broke it down as best as we could. 
Tune in now or get the death glare from Changmin.

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  • New show open!
  • Enrique Iglesias is getting dirty.
  • Betty is such a….
  • Infinite is doing their thang!
  • Guess what’s back again?
  • Hereeeeeee weeeeee gooooo.
  • Chapter 37.
  • Homin album & performance review.
  • Twitter= internet tough guys.
    (FYI, this TVXQ segment ran a tad bit long so if you’re not into the nonsense 
    that’s going on you might want to fast forward.)
  • Chapter 39. Lifetime movie.
  • Betty is evil.
  • Linzer Dinzer comes on the show to chit chat!
  • Piggy Dolls….terrible name.
  • 25th Japan Golden Disk Awards run down.
  • Arashi fight.
  • M-Flo releasing solo albums.
  • It’s time Jo Kwon….
  • MBLAQ Corner!
  • Men of Winter!!!
  • GD & TOP get banned.
  • Full House 2?
  • Taeyang came to America to do the dougie.
  • Strong baby #2 and #3.
  • Ana is out of the cool circle.
  • Yamapi bashing…AGAIN!
  • Betty hates vagina.
  • Ueto Aya likes burnt men.
  • Betty’s Korean Word Of The Week.
  • Quick news rundown. Plagiarism/ comebacks/ airlines/ etc.
  • Ana’s Artist Profile: Ken The 390
  • Johnny’s corner.
  • Shoutouts!
EDIT: Pic below added by popular request, lol.

Songs Played On This Show:
Rain- Rainism
Ai Takahashi- Yume Kara Samete
Piggy Dolls- Trend
Infinite- Before The Dawn
One Way feat. Junsu of 2PM- Rainy Days (Korean version)
Jay Chou- The Era
Homin- Maximum
AI feat. Chaka Kahn- Through The Fire
Hit 5- Running
The Quiett & Dok2- We Here
Zuwan- Illusion
Maximum The Hormone- What’s Up People
Ken The 390 feat. Mihiro- I Get So High
Aaron Kwok- The Wild City
Gain- Bad Temper
Richie Ren- Dui Mian De Nu Hai Kan Guo Lai


  1. hi, Im from Mexico ,this is the first time I hear the program, its excelent , very funny , I like that you enjoy everything.

  2. @Cruz

    Hola!!! Enjoy the show. :)


  3. I haven't listened to the whole show yet but here is the music show schedules

    Thurs-M countdown

    Fri- Music Bank

    Sat- Music Core

    Sun- Inkigayo

  4. @Dani3229

    Bless you heart dear. Thanks for the breakdown. <3


  5. I kind of noticed (not just on this song but on others too), that as you listen to them, the songs seem arranged in the playlist to have some kind of sense of flow.. intentional or not Cyn? lol!

  6. Loved the show, first time listening! It had me laughing so hard.

  7. SM did give Changmin some fail english [but this is Kpop, it's expected lol]. He was on Super Junior's Sukira radio show and

    he sang it "I'm just chillin, feel like i'm healin" @ around 3:07 at the link below

    He sounds hot saying it tho so we let that slide haha

  8. @brackdiamon

    95% intentional. :) Glad u noticed.

    Welcome aboard the crazy train! Thanks for listening.

    Yea I saw that yesterday. I love when he speaks english. Sounds sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodamn good!


  9. Not done listening but I thought I'd clarify a few things from the show. The article about the Cassiopeia only supporting 5 members was actually fake (bummer, I know. lol). And Clazziquai is with the Fluxus label, not Woolim.

    Sorry, don't wanna come off as nitpicky! lol

  10. @tiger9012 lol naw it's all good. Thanks for the clarifications. I think I keep thinking Clazziquai is under Woolim cuz they work with Epic High & what not.


  11. @Ana - According to the Japanese Wikipedia, it's "San-Kyuu Maru". Literally: "Three-Nine-Zero". :) Though "maru" can also mean "circle", in this case, for the sake of consistency it also means "zero".

  12. Actually, a better way to remember his name: "Sankyuu", like the Japanese pronunciation of "thank you", and "Maru", like the cat on YouTube that likes to jump in boxes. San-kyuu-maru. :) Hope this helps!

  13. @tiger9012

    Man, where were you when i needed that help dammit >.<.

    I tried looking up the info for hours and came up with nothing. Thanks so much!

  14. It was long, but I liked the DBSK break down. I'm not one to post about that shit online because of all the opinions flying around, so it's good to get it out by listening to you guys talk about it like normal humans.

    what blogs are you guys going to for dbsk stuff now? the ones I check have been bad for downloads lately...

  15. Cyn just to let you know I was on Omona when you and the fan went at it, I was loling but I agreed with everything you said only the five should be involved period. Also to let you know the comment about Shane Yoon I put on Omona the shows name and that I was listening to the live show and that it was a joke when someone brought it up. Why ppl got riled up in the first place I dont which leads me to ask myself why I often go on those fan boards because I get tired of the bitching and whining but whatevs. Im sure more drama is to come especially with the interview Homin just did. Duh Duh Duh.

  16. Oh I meant to say also, OMG Cyn thank you for bringing up Chasing Taboo I love that story and I was worried she wasnt going to be doing it anymore. I fucking stan that story like for real and the original was my favorite but yeah she needs to update. I care Linzer Dinzer/ Tohosexy lol.

  17. Hey there! I've been listening to your show since discovering a link from a fansite specifically Bi Rain's. You guys are my guilty pleasure and I don't know what held me back from leaving a comment but what the heck... I'm here! Awesome show! You crack me up all the time! Kudos to your show! More power and God bless. Looking forward to your next show. :)
    P.S. Oh... by the way I have a good idea that popped out in my head all of a sudden... actually, it's more of a request... hahahaha! In your MBLAQ Corner can you do an intensive review of MBLAQ'S 1st Full Album "Blaq Style". I can't think of any other people who can do an awesome review of album except you guys... Pretty please??? ;) I was thinking that maybe with your credibility, their album sales might shoot up some more. It's like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. Well, it's just a suggestion. Can't wait for your next show. <3

  18. I haven't listened to the whole show cause I don't have my computer and my phone is actinq stupid but the hour and forty mintues I have heard I have concluded that I might jus be your youngest listener LmaO
    the three things I have to say about the junsu tweet thing and all that jazz is I kinda lost a lil respect for him because of that tweet super junior and boa are irrelevant, and the dancer that tweeted was the blonde dude in the teasers that everybody thought was taemin .....and I found this show through that linzerdinzertv video(is the idol industry evil).... To linzerdinzer thers nothing wrong with being for JYJ for me personally I take no sides but I kinda hate jejung......

  19. @monologue

    DBSKKnights is a good one. Thanks for commenting.


    A Rain site? That's interesting. We love ourselves some Rain.

    Oooh, an MBLAQ album review. I had contemplated doing it actually but last week's show ran long. I'll see what i can come up with as we have a few other things in mind for that segment too. Thanks for the request! We'll try to do our best. I never get tired of promoting those boys lol.


    Youngest listener huh? The youngest one we know of is 14. Can you beat that lol?

    Junsu happens to be my fav member, but i do think what he did was probably a very unwise move because now we all have to witness it play out like an embarrassing spectacle. And Linzerdinzer is osm. Thanks for giving us a try and for commenting!

  20. nah I can't beat that LmaO but I'm not that far from it hehe
    linzerdinzer is so awsome......

  21. Actually, a better way to remember his name: "Sankyuu", like the Japanese pronunciation of "thank you", and "Maru", like the cat on YouTube that likes to jump in boxes. San-kyuu-maru. :) Hope this helps!

  22. Loved the show, first time listening! It had me laughing so hard.

  23. @Cruz

    Hola!!! Enjoy the show. :)


  24. Hello~ I'm a frequently recent listener, ekrammarkee. I sadly missed outn the beginning half of 2011 and before so I'm working my way to the present. I basically wanted to know your guy's opinions on past kpop events as well as jpop cause y'all some funny bishes. So I'll get listening ^^