Tuesday, February 15, 2011

[Show] APOPA Show # 77

Week #77

It's our Valentines/Karaoke special. If you didn't have a date for Valentines day, no worries! 
Sit back, relax & listen to the smooth sounds of our lovely voices serenading you with music. 

WARNING: Asian Pop Addict is not responsible for your loss of hearing or any medical issues you may gain while listening to this show.

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  • Ooo ooo Ooo
  • Betty finds a connection between Lee Jun Ki & SMAP.
  • Grammy’s run down.
  • Karaoke time!!
  • Countdown to Big Bang’s release.
  • Kara still not happy.
  • Go Hara & 2PM’s Chansung dating?
  • Super Junior M plus 2 new members are back!
  • Supreme Team solos albums.
  • Two rock gods unite via twitter.
  • Wheesung…NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
  • Music Station lineup.
  • Tokyo Jihen drummer was drunk…not naked. Boo.
  • Verbal’s got a high top fade.
  • MBLAQ corner.
  • Sexy karaoke.
  • Plagiarism…
  • How much?!?!
  • Date in Hong Kong with Ukiss Eli & Kevin!
  • Supernova speaking the truth.
  • Congrats to Odagiri Joe & girlfriend.
  • Is Jay Chou a pedo?
  • J-Rooooocccccckkkkkk
  • What will APOPA be giveaway next?????
  • Korea REALLY loves porn.
  • Embrace your chi chi’s G.NA.
  • Drama Corner: Dream High Edition
  • We’re a person like this!
  • Johnny’s Corner: The unthinkable has happened!
  • New affiliate.
  • Shoutouts. 
Songs We Karaoke'd To:
GD&TOP- High High
INFINITE- Come Back Again
DJ DOC- I'm A Guy Like This

Songs Played On This Week's Show:
Alice Nine- GEMINI-I-the void
David Choi feat. Dumbfounded- Seoul Fever
Moc Five feat. Jesse, Bao Le, Tousher, City Boy, freshKiDD & Josh J. Rican- For You
Korean Guy- Touch My Body
MBLAQ- singing Rainbow's "A"
Show Luo- Only You
KAT-TUN- Make Or Break
LED Apple- Dash
Capsule- Sugarless Girl
Epik High- Lies
8otto- Television City
Taegoon feat. H-Eugene- I Understood
Bahn Hae Sang - Inhyeongeul Papnida (dj Vascrex Remix)
Sunye- Maybe
Leetuk- She's Gone
Jason Chen feat. feat. J.Reyez, Lil Crazed, Verseatile- Re-Introduction
JeA (B.E.G) & G.O (MBLAQ) - Because You Sting
SeungRi feat. G-Dragon- Open The Window
Junsu (2PM) & Lim Jeong Hee- Don't Go
G-Dragon- Obsession


    so i just found out about your pod cast and thought WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!
    needless to say you have gain a new fangirl :D
    btw i might fight with Betty about ARASHI! not EYEBROWS AND HIS BACK UP!
    sakurai sho ftw!!!

  2. @watermelonlover
    We've been here for almost 2 years! lol. Welcome to the show. Glad to have you! LMAO Yes please let Betty know that Arashi isn't just Eyebrows.


  3. Gurl, they're still Johnny's. Johnny & Associates is the talent agency, the management company for all the groups. However, a few groups aren't on the Johnny's Entertainment/J Storm/J-One Records label. So, Jin is still J&A while being under Warner label, V6 is still J&A while being under the Avex label, and Smap is still J&A while being under Victor Entertainment label. There are others too, but you get the idea. ;)

    Woo... sorry for the paragraph.

    I never want to hear MBLAQ sing karaoke again.

    we're gettin' trolled by YG. He may say BB will release another album later this year but we all know that'll be postponed for like two years.


  4. I'm still in shock about the Rock. I gotta listen to the show. It was just so surreal on the stream when I said the Rock is back in the chat and you guys (well, except Betty) were like... WHAT.

    Great show live, again. Lots of great music. Next week, Kahi's flawless MV, mmmkay?

  5. @YabaiErikaSama
    Yea I knew of the few instances of them being signed to other major labels but still being managed by Johnny. Thanks for clearing it up for us. You know that ish gets confusing sometimes lol.

    Yea with YG you just never know. Let's just hope full length album later on this year.

    THE ROCK HAS COME BACK....HOME!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes next week we will play the flawless Kahi.

    Thanks guys!


  6. @watermelonlover What are you talking about?! MatsuJun is ARASHI.
    Welcome! Thanks for listening to the show - Betty

  7. @watermelonlover
    We've been here for almost 2 years! lol. Welcome to the show. Glad to have you! LMAO Yes please let Betty know that Arashi isn't just Eyebrows.