Wednesday, March 9, 2011

[Show] APOPA Show # 80

Week #80

It’s another week of lulz & music!

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  • Jazz hands!
  • Another week and ANOTHER studio. Booooo.
  • Punch heard around the world.
  • Noona’s having dirty thoughts.
  • Dear YG & KBS, keep it to yourselves!
  • Stop throwing ish!
  • Crown J detained by police!
  • See you later Hyun Bin.
  • Xander says his final goodbyes.
  • First batch of artist for KMF 2011 have been announced!
  • Kara stays on top.
  • Jin’s brother….yeaaaaa.
  • Shirota Yu is nakie.
  • Who gets paid in AKB48?
  • 2NE1 is ready to invade Japan!! Are you ready??
  • Dance list FAIL!
  • Homin speak out.
  • JYJ reps go after Avex & the Oricon.
  • Album review: Infinite
  • Namie & Ms. Y.
  • Jay Park is back!
  • Take it off.
  • Infinite channels SHINee..
  • There’s a new country song!
  • Ku chan has a man!
  • DJ Taku has the music to make you dance.
  • Jay Chou is heading to Malaysia.
  • Album review: Big Bang. BEST ALBUM REVIEW EVERRRRRR!!!!!!
  • G-Dragon= Bee Gees
  • Ana’s Artist Profile: Breakerz
  • APOPA movie recommendation.
  • J-Rock corner.
  • UPDATE: Crown J speaks out.
  • 31 dirty bastards.
  • H.O.T REUNITED!!! Sorta…
  • Leave Show Luo alone!
  • Fahrenheit disbanding???
  • Happy 1 year anniversary One Way!
  • Betty’s Korean Word of the Week.
  • Johnny’s Corner.
  • Breaking News…
  • Shout outs!

Songs Played On This Week’s Show:
MBLAQ- Again
Koda Kumi- Be My Baby
Super Junior M- Perfection (Chinese version)
Big Bang- Tonight
Alice Nine- 9th Revolver
Cloud & Paloalto- Stand Up!
Breakerz- Sekai Wa Odoru
Mighty Mouth feat. Yuri- Sexy Star
KAT-TUN- Make Or Break It
Gummy- I Want To Wait
Deathgaze- Blood
YB Band- Talk To Me
Orange Carmel- One Love
Joe Brown feat. JJK, Dead'P, Deepflow, Huck-P, Dragon A-T, Benzino, Angry, Kirbytrap - Nu Leaders
Kim Bum Soo & Taeyeon of SNSD- Different

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