Thursday, March 24, 2011

[Show] APOPA Show # 82

Week #82

Sorry for the delay but the lulz & news has arrived!!

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  • P.F.F.
  • Hatsume Festival rundown.
  • R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor.
  • They’re helping, you should too!
  • Princess Hee Hee is angry!
  • Leetuk jumped the gun, though it wasn’t his fault.
  • Crown J is coming back.
  • SM Town Japan postponed.
  • CN Blue you fail us.
  • La Vida Loca!
  • Because Madonna said so.
  • 2NE1 comeback talks.
  • Music Station line up.
  • Dream High season 2.
  • Drama corner.
  • J-Rock corner.
  • Imma take you down so sweat out your perm out before u go……….
  • Chris Brown talk…don’t ask why.
  • Kangin speaks out.
  • Wonder Girls in Beijing.
  • JYJ’s agency is being sued.
  • When Gackt speaks, you must follow.
  • Rainie Yang is in a new drama.
  • Mixed Nutz anyone?
  • Random news rundown.
  • MC Jin is coming back!
  • VNT/DNT….now we know.
  • Top 10 Best Idol Singers….righttttttt.
  • Korean Word of The Week: Who’s preggers???
  • Johnny’s Corner: He’s so nice.
  • Last bit of news.
  • Join Rino Nakasone!
  • Show Japan you care.
  • Check out A-Tunes & Bump This!, spring giveaway!
  • Shout outs!

Songs Played On This Show:
 Kara- Jet Coaster Love
Sakanaction- Rookie
CN Blue- Intuition
Bella- Don't Let Go
the Gazette- Shiver
Maximum The Hormone-Utsukushiki Hitobito no Uta
Tata Young- Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy
MBLAQ- Running & Running
M-Flo- Mirrorball Satellite 2012
Johnnyphlo feat. Schoolboy Duke- Officially Missing You
TVXQ- Before U Go
Flow- 1/3 No Junjou Na Kanjou
Kim Tae Woo, Rain, & JYP- Brothers & Me
4Men- Knock, Knock, Knock
SNSD- Wake Up
Mixed Nutz- Disco
A'Naive- Lie
Ze:A- Here I am
Evan Yo- My Baby
Taegoon feat. Nassun- Superstar
Candy Mafia- Alzheimer

Random Video:
Dan from the co-ed Chinese acapella group at the University of Pennsylvania, sent us this video of their Jay Chou A Cappella Medley. It's very cool. Check them out!


  1. You guys should really get into jealkb. :)

  2. lol thanks for playing my request :)
    your show was amazing as usual
    i was just wondering who the bee gees were. ( im probably too young to know who they are :P )

  3. @brackdiamon
    Send us something from jealkb. I'll def check it out

    I feel soooo olddddddddd. How old r u? lol Go to youtube and find "Staying Alive" or "How Deep Is Your Love'


  4. LOL sorry for making you feel old
    ( im 16 turning 17 so like 10 years younger then you~ :P )

  5. Well I have... if you remember. Kuroi Sabaku and Nageki no Endless -Remix-

  6. LOL sorry for making you feel old
    ( im 16 turning 17 so like 10 years younger then you~ :P )