Wednesday, May 11, 2011

[Show] APOPA Show # 89

Week #89

Are you just as excited as this guy?? Hope so... 

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  • Pass the dutch.
  • We’re SOOO excited.
  • Orlando here we come!
  • Osama loves Whitney Houston.
  • G.O.’s wish came true.
  • Plagiarism…what else is new?
  • Be original already!!!!
  • Plagiarism reversal.
  • Are you ready to die?
  • It’s just music folks.
  • Batoost has a color!
  • More show cancellations.
  • Wonder Girls movie?
  • Black & yellow.
  • Betty’s best friend has joined twitter.
  • SM Town Paris adds a new date.
  • SM Town cruise?!?!?!
  • Cartoon Perfume.
  • Stars continue to donate for the earthquake victims.
  • Ayumi is on top.
  • Chen & Chou fashion label?
  • Ana is tired…Otaku Corner.
  • Gears of doody.
  • Abort! Abort! Abort!
  • The Boss is picking up steam in Japan.
  • Mambo #5.
  • Japanese debut ranking.
  • No Banana Carmel…thank u shisus.
  • Japan’s prime minister is a nice guy.
  • Beiber fever in Japan.
  • Yuuuu wants Utada.
  • China hates everything fun.
  • It’s the same thing Lee Soo Man!
  • With our powers combined.
  • Top 10 MR removed singers.
  • Johnny’s Corner.
  • Betty & Cyn agree for once.
  • Shoutouts
  • If you live in Orlando & want to hang with us, email us!

Songs Played On This Weeks Show:
MBLAQ- Your Luv
Gackt- Cube
Drunken Tiger JK- Super Fine
Lee Hyori- U Go Girl
Super Junior- It’s You
Shin B- Get Up & Go
Lim Jeong Hee feat. Hyuna from 4 Minute- Golden Lady
Andy Suzuki & The Method- All Of The Lights (Kanye West cover)
JYP- Honey
Exist Trace- Judea
SHINee- Love Like Oxygen
Bu An Pe Li Chu Pei- Magic Power
KAT-TUN- Give Me, Give Me, Give Me
Maydoni feat. 2AM- Molla-ing
Thelma Aoyama feat. 4 Minute- Without U
Gummy feat. T.O.P.- I Am Sorry


  1. When I heard Pass the dutchie I started singing (with my colombian accent) "pas di dochi palilen fansai" then ana said "pass the dutchie on the left hand side" y la luz se prendio. So that's what they were saying.

    Reminded me of a this song . I used to sing it when I was little. At the time I was beginning to learn English and had no idea what the hell I was singing xD

  2. @Joha LOL awwww. Yup well that happens a lot.

    Ohhh snap Inner Circle!!! I have not heard this in ages! least now u know what u were really singing all those years ago. XD


  3. re: plagerism. SME usually purchases a license for asia only. Leaving the original writers free to sell the song to others who want license to use the song say in europe or USA.

    So its possible to have both an active and legal license but in sung by different artists in different markets. Also a couple of songs have just been demos that were leaked onto the internet.

    its also cheaper to pay for one song then to have a songwriter on salary. day after day year after year.

  4. he is so cute.....keep laugh out loud non-stop....hahaha...he love his chin so much

  5. he is so cute.....keep laugh out loud non-stop....hahaha...he love his chin so much