Wednesday, June 1, 2011

[Show] APOPA Show # 90

Week #90

We're back!!!!! 
Get your popcorn out because this is going to a be a long one. 
As you can see we have updated the site greatly. 
We're still not 100% finished but by the end of this weekend all will be complete. 
Enjoy & let us know what u think!

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  • Oklahomaaaaaaaaaaa
  • WE’RE BACK!!
  •  Let’s go Heat!
  • Orlando trip round up.
  • Did you see the new site?
  •  BUY! BUY! BUY!
  • Haerin & Ceci come on to talk about the Jersey JYJ show.
  •  Big Bang’s Daesung involved in a tragic accident.
  • No more Dr. Feel Good for Teddy Riley.
  •  It’s all about the BUSINESS.
  • More random Heat talk.
  • 1 less cuz.
  • Former SG Wannabe member commits suicide.
  • SHINee’s replaying.
  • Taemin’s new nose?
  • Brian Joo is coming to the US!
  • It’s the same but not the same.
  • Aziatix doing big thangs.
  • Howard Stern hates Asians….
  •  Ouran High School Host Club…no.
  • Show Luo is heading to Japan.
  • APOPA Giveaway! Win the new Gazette single!

  •   New segment ideas.
  • Someone felt up G.O.
  • After School members “graduating?”
  •  12 MORE?!?!?
  • Ana’s Artist Profile: Pushim
  •  JYJ…a whole lot of he said, she said.
  • Quick news run down.
  • Betty’s Korean Word Of The Week.
  • Johnny’s Corner.
  • Otaku corner.
  • Shoutouts. 
  • Let us know what you think about the site. It’s still a little under construction but the main parts of the site are done. Enjoy!

Songs Played On This Weeks Show:
FT Island- Hello Hello
Aziatix- Cold
Jolin Tsai- Ai Wu She
SNSD- Let It Rain
2NE1- Lonely
Aziatix- Cold (yup, played it twice...didn't realize it. Oh well. lol)
Clazziquai- After Love (Female version)
B2T- Fiction feat. Jung Yup- I Wanna Be Your Love
2PM- Without You
the GazettE- VORTEX
Pushim- Strong Woman
Lee Ki Chan & G.NA- Count On Me (Burno Mars Korean cover)
Ai Takekawa- Tooi Michi No Saki De
Wang Lee Hom- You And Me
Kim Hyun Joong- Please
MUCC- Akatsuki
Monday Kiz- You Try Being Hurt Too
Kato Miliyah- Yozora
Baek Ji Young- Bad Girl

Random Videos:

MBLAQ's G.O. get's molested...but it's hilarious!
credit: kumakumak79 @YT
The embed has been disable so you have to go watch it on that person's youtube page.

Harunai Ai, Ninomiya Kazunari, and Ohno Satoshi cover Shoujo Jidai's "Gee"
credit: wai3ful @ YT

Daigo & his monkey Sakura are back on the road.
Translations here.
credit: kukini6868 @ YT


  1. Hi girls! The site looks amazing and I'm so happy to have a new show to listen to!
    Too bad I couldn't come on and talk about Rain!

  2. the site looks really good! the hangul and katakana transliterations of "Asian Pop Addict" are a little off tho jsyk ;)

    excited to hear the new show today and hope to be on the show within these next two months!

  3. @AsianPopAddict - Site looks much more put-together and clean! I love it! Thank you for the hard work ladies!

    Obviously, I'm one of those people whose thoughts doesn't translate well when I speak on radio interviews! :b

    @mister_robatto - How are you doing in Japan right now? ;) I'll fix the transliteration asap! Thought it was ok since I Google/Wiki-checked each words lol

  4. @HaeRin hey i'm doing good. i haven't got to do much since I got in. I'll be exploring the town with a few students tonight for dinner. Japan is AMAZING. i'm in the southwestern area of Japan in a city called Beppu and compared to somewhere like Tokyo it's more intimate, in terms of how less populated it is. and because my college here is atop a mountain I get a really nice view of the area, but it's been a bit cloudy since I got here. :/

    and yeah for the transliterations, in Japanese they say "rajio=ラジオ" instead of "radio=" and "AH-ji-an=アジアン” instead of "eisun="エイスン"; they don't always go by the exact pronunciation of foreign words, it's weird; it throws me off sometimes lol As for the Korean, with the limited knowledge i know, I think "addict" should transliterated to "아딕트"=adikteu"; it flows better when pronounced in Korean instead of "adeudikteu".

    And APOPA, you are good job in selecting PUSHIM for this week's artist profile. I don't remember hearing "My Endless Love" on the show tbh tho I did request it once; maybe it was before I discovered her and began to care about her haha. In fact I first knew her thru that song (which is my fave from her imo) because she won "BEST REGGAE VIDEO" for that song two years ago but I though it was for the Super Shower Music Video Awards instead of the VMAJs... anyway either way, I actually like her better as a J-reggae singer over MINMI, though I bump her too. Her BEST 1999-2009 compilation is what got me into her and yes I agree - it's a good intro for people who are interested in her.

  5. Sweet layout y'all have there! And I'm LOVING the intro. Can't promise getting through all of the show in one night; I have a busy day ahead of me. :)

    Maybe I can find some Alice Nine posters for y'all? Remember, I'm still a college student; I gotta shop for omiyage on a budget! lol

  6. loving the site! And I love your new segment suggestions! I just have one Q... Are you going to update the song list from the show? Thanks! :)

  7. Are you not going to have those "of the week" on your site anymore??

  8. @Julili Thanks for the luv. It's ok the time difference is tough. :)

    @Mister Robatto have fun in Japan!

    @Harin Thank you again for all your hard work on the banners! Much appreciated! You did just fine in the interview. :)

    @Tiger9012 Hey, we'll pay pal u money to get stuff from over there!! lmfao! Have fun over there!

    @Nicole Sorry for the delay. It's now updated!

    @G77 Yes we are. Look at the toolbar up top. It's now in different sections. :)

    Thanks again for all the luv guys!