Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Week #92

 HUGE show this week. A tad bit long but well worth the listen.
(Please excuse the sound quality this week, it's not at it's usual best)

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  • Losersssssssssssssss.
  • Sports talk with APOPA.
  • AKB48 breaking records. SHOCKER!
  • Cray cray kpop schedules.
  • Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
  • APOPA guest: Telisu!

FYI, this interview went REALLY long but Telisu was very insightful, funny, and honest with us so we talked with her for as long as we could. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: If you don’t have a sense of humor, or can’t stand real thoughts & opinions then please keep it moving.

  • Her start.
  • The big leap into Korea.
  • Tonightttttttttt.
  • TOP oppa calls, you pick up.
  • Haters to tha left.
  • Is she dating HIM??
  • The meaning behind the name.
  • “Our secret.”
  • Fan questions!
  • Look ma! No meds!
  • Remember the south east….
  • BOOM!
  • The last two most important questions.
  • Firm booty. Check!
  • Borat is going to try out for SM Entertainment.
  • Put your hands up!!!
  • Men In….MBLAQ!!
  • Sit down Cream Team.
  • Korea plagiarizes again.
  • Van Ness is speaking the truth.
  • Daigo’s on twitter!
  • More 48’s.
  • It always goes back to senorita….always.
  • Car accidents & bad backs.
  • MNET America is on the move.
  • Put emotion into your face.
  • The Edge….
  • No T.O.P, no go.
  • Johnny’s Corner: Best VOCAL singer???
  • The winner of the “VORTEX” single is………
  • Shoutouts!

 Songs Played On This Show:
  f(x)- Hot Summer
IAMMEDIC- Chasing Phantoms
AB feat. Jacob Eye- Slip
AKB48- Everyday Kachuusha
Xiah Junsu- Intoxication
Derrick Hoh- When I Know That You Are In Love
Virgil- Loyal Milk T
Asian Kung Fu Generation- Kimi No Machi Made
MBLAQ- Again
The Pillows- Ride On A Shooting Star
Untouchable- Question
4Men- Oasis
Kanjani8- 365 Nichi Kazoku

Random Videos: 
Gackt is trolling us all... lol
credit:3325993 @ Youtube

It's a dance battle!
credit: YHtvxqCM @ YT

4Men doing a cover of Big Bang's "Love Song"
credit: negimax8 @ YT

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