Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[Show] APOPA Show # 94

Week #94

And the winner is.....Us! Oh wait... uhhh no I mean YOU!! Maybe?

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  • Who got the keys to my beamer?
  • Jack Daniels sauce is the ish.
  • More ideas for the anniversary show.
  • Recap of MTV VMA Japan Aid Show.
  • BET awards recap as well…why not?
  • Bam Ratatata Tatatatata BITCH!
  • Gurl….Goo Hara…gurllllll those feet!
  • Red bottom heels will kill your feet.
  • IDOLS DATE!!! Say whatttttttt?
  • It’s not looking good for Daesung.
  • Big Bang is now up in the air.
  • Actors aren’t getting paid either.
  • Lee Jun Ki can’t defend his country.
  • Flowsick is throwing bows.
  • Sunzoo performing live.
  • Girls will be rocking out in Japan.
  • So Wu Chun’s not married?
  • Trouble in paradise for Cecilia Cheung & Nicholas Tse.
  • Johnny’s Corner: What an idiot.
  • Top 5 worst idol actors.
  • Ban #2?
  • Cyn calls Crown J out.
  • Jaejoong Cullen will be in his first Korean drama.
  • You’re not the new kids!
  • Maki Goto to say goodbye for awhile.
  • Zeebra & AI are working on a collabo!
  • Gackt wants to eat you……….
  • Long live Khuntoria!!!!
  • Korean “Mean Girls”
  • Hyuna + ballad track= No bueno.
  • Next week’s theme: Club Banger!
  • Help us make the anniversary show!!!!
  • “Let’s get this over with”…Otaku corner.
  • Keep it 100 with APOPA.
  • Celebrity bday shout outs.
  • Shout outs.
  • NY Asian Film Festival.
  • New show on MNET America. 

Songs Played On This Show:
M&D- Close Ur Mouth
Skull feat. Spraga Benz- Don’t Walk Away
Bonnie Pink- A Perfect Sky
TM Revolution- Flags
2PM- Like A Movie
2NE1- I Am The Best
TVXQ- Wrong Number
Kara- Go Go Summer
The Gazette- Before I Decay
Mina- Single Party
Aziatix- Go
T-ara- Roly Poly
Nightmare- Hate
Leessang- Rush
Block B- Halo
Blodod+ - Raion
Infinite- I Don’t Know
One Way- A Thousand Words

Random Videos:
Listen to Gackt’s message VERY closely.
Credit: ganshintube @ YT

This is soooo cute! I would so do this at my wedding lol. Btw that's the sister of the bride.
Credit: june1839 @ YT

So I guess 48 other members isn’t enough, now we have to make fake ones.
Credit: angelalautw @ YT

Poor Tiffany Green. It's BET's fault!
credit: Mayor619 @ YT


  1. You guys should do the shama lama ding dong bit from week 84 for the anniversary. So hilarious!

  2. Haha you called Crown J Clown J and the funny thing is that the Hangul letter/symbol is the same for the R and L sound lol. So technically he could already be called Clown J lol.

  3. lol ahh did not know that. It's perfect!-Cyn

  4. email that to me so I don't forget! lol

  5. Maeda Atsuko (AKB front girl) has short hair right now because she is in the remake for Hana Kimi. It's her "boy cut"