Wednesday, July 13, 2011

[Show] APOPA Show # 96...2 Year Anniversary!!

Week #96

It’s our two year anniversary!!!!

There are so many things we could say to each and everyone of you who continue to support us day after day but we don't want to bore you so what we will say is THANK YOU!!! We hope we can continue to bring you the entertainment and continue to keep it real as we always have. 

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  • We’re the best!
  • Betty is creepy.
  • MBLAQ! MBLAQ! MBLAQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Congrats to South Korea.
  • Party hard until the end.
  • Joon got confused.
  • Hyuna is popping up everywhere.
  • Did Tablo leave Woolim Entertainment??
  • Stop lying South Korean media.
  • Spike Lee is invading your K-movies.
  • Lady Gaga on SMAP x SMAP was pure gold!
  • Another fail ranking.
  • Disney, visual kei style!
  • We FINALLY get Exile song suggestions.
  • 1st APOPA giveaway is…. MBLAQ’s new mini album!!!
  • 2nd APOPA giveaway is… Alice Nine’s “Blue Flame” single & Miyavi’s “What’s My Name” album!!
  • Can you be my neighbor?
  • A fight erupts in the studio!!!
  • Australia gets a K-Pop concert.
  • Peace out Yao.
  • The 3rd and final APOPA prize is…..A signed JYJ CD donated by Telisu!!
  • Special guest: Telisu
  • APOPA fan callers.
  • APOPA confessions.
  • We have a bone to pick with 1 girl from T-ara.
  • More callers.
  • Support J!
  • Next week is Ana’s bday special.

Songs Played On This Weeks Show:
G-Dragon- Heartbreaker
Alice Nine- Blue Flame
Perfume- Secret, Secret
GG feat. Park Bom- Having An Affair
MBLAQ- Mona Lisa
the GazettE- LEECH
Seungri feat. G-Dragon- Open The Window
TVXQ- Love In The Ice
2AM feat. Chansung of 2PM- To Her
W & Whale- Break It Down
KAT-TUN- Real Face
Mighty Mouth feat. Soya- Tok Tok
SUG- Mad$hip
Show Luo- The 10001st Night
Sakanaction- IDENTITY

Random Videos:

Head on over to our ustream page to see some of the footage from last night's ustream show. Ustream didn't allow us to record the whole thing. Sorry.

Lady Gaga turned SMAP into her side piece.

Ero Minzy strikes again! DAMN GURLLLLL!!

I love this guy.

He also sings!! So good!!


  1. Hey! Thx 4 playin' my suggestion and the email! U guys r ridiculous! Srsly...nothing lulz in this show! And yeah i don't know what is up with Hyuna. I'm thinking she doesn't really like bubblepop or the image she is ALWAYS pushing. I blame her company. I like cube but geez.
    Finally I must say...

    KAHI ! KAHI !  KAHI ! ....NOOOO UEE!!!! I like Uee but c'mon Korea!

    Thx again! U R A-OK!!!

  2. Sorry I meant nothing but lulz in this show. My bad!

  3. Happy, happy, HAPPY Anniversary! And many more to you. :D 

  4. Sorry it's late but THANK YOU!!. 

  5. YES! KAHI! KAHI! KAHI! lmao. Thank you for all the love.