Wednesday, July 20, 2011

[Show] APOPA Show #97

Week #97

Hey everybody! We've got a birthday! That's right, it's our girl Ana's birthday! 

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  • Everyday I’m shuffling.
  • Congrats to the ladies of Japan!
  • HUGE guest on today’s show.
  • Pedo’s rejoice!
  • Miss A is back!
  • Fei can get it!!!
  • I am not the best in Japanese.
  • F**k you was a better title.
  • Daesung gets some good news.
  • Former X Japan member dies.
  • Wu Chun wants to have his cake and eat it too.
  • Which idols are dating now?
  • G.O. has a clip on.
  • No Zico dreads? No bueno!
  • Gants 1 & Gantz 2 will be shown at Comic Con.
  • DVD coming soon.
  • Itano Tomomi is #1.
  • Cube Entertainment is going world wide.
  • Music Station line up for this week.
  • Andddddd the cock block continues.
  • ROCKKKKKK. There’s an open!!!! Finally.
  • The one dude from NewS that got away.
  • APOPA advice for males.
  • Yoochun is dirty.
  • No longer fat.
  • All hell breaks loose.
  • More acts added to Summer Sonic.
  • Johnny’s Corner: KISS MY FT 2!!!!!
  • Happy Birthday Ana!!!

Songs Played On This Show:
Jo Kwon & Whale- Dunk Shoot
M-Flo feat. Melody & Yamamoto Ryohei- Miss You
HYDE- The Cape Of Storms
Elva Hsiao- Shuang Mian Nu Shen
T-ara- Roly Poly
the GazettE- Distress and Coma
ZEEBRA- Take Over
Sunny Hill- Puppet
Morning Musume- Koi No Dance Site
MBLAQ- Mona Lisa
Seungri feat. IU- I Know
Meisa Kuroki- This Is Crazy
Buck Tick- Dokudanjou Beauty
Jasmine- One
Ken The 390 feat. MIHIRO– I Get So High
Sakanaction - Omotesando 26-ji
Lyn feat. Dok2- New Celebration
Taeyang- Before You Fall Asleep
Miss A- Step Up


  1. Yay the shows out! Dunno why but I could barely what for this weeks show. I need my APOPA fix ( I feel like a druggie lol) Thanks guys for the hard work!
    *off to listen*

  2. lol at yg talking about the Minji/ underage issue being why they changed the title to Hate You.

    Watch this of Minji dancing to Missy esp around 1:10 and 2:17.

  3. Geez...Shindong would be beaten to death by Cyn if he were to be put in a room with her. Man Cyn is ruff! You guys are so funny especially during the rant about Shindong. I had to stop just to breathe! LOL u guys are awesome!

  4. LOL that gurl.

    YG is so full of shit lol

  5. i hope you enjoyed it !

  6.  I almost choked on my saliva while lolling in the studio lol.

  7. So sad that I missed to call in. I fell asleep! Looking so forward to this show, seems to be a cray cray one! 

  8. It takes a lot for me to get riled up like that.... it is what it is... lol 

  9. I saw that and I was like.... this girl is not 17. smh. She does work it though.-Cyn

  10. happy 28th birthday!

  11. This was a great show, the Ustream was awesome! So much shit to laugh at haha.