Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[Show] APOPA Show #100!!!

Week #100

Wow, 100 episodes already? Well we want to thank everyone who's ever listened to our show for allowing us to come into your speakers each and every week with our randomness and lulz. 
Here's to the next 100. Cheers!

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  • Sex over the phone. *jams*
  • 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Saucy APOPA.
  • Peeps in London, please be safe!
  • 100th show ideas.
  • IT’S NOT SE7EN!!!!!
  • Baby I’m your mannnn mannnnn ma ma ma man.
  • Superman was better until…..
  • Elf tears will flow next year.
  • No more bubble popping.
  • Double standards.
  • Perfume love J-rockers.
  • The life of Ryo Nishikido.
  • Triangle > Bongos
  • Goto Maki has issues with Avex.
  • K-hip hop is back!
  • The where’s Waldo of K-Pop.
  • M-Flo is coming back!.
  • ROCK!
  • Random guy talk.
  • Korea isn’t ready for Gay & Lesbians on tv.
  • MYX TV wants you!
  • Supernova to star in another movie.
  • Keita DVD!!!!!
  • It’s all about Take That.
  • Leave Becky alone.
  • Best idols turned actor/actress
  • BEE GEE’S!
  • White Ranger haters.
  • Johnny’s Corner.
  • Last minute news run down.
  • Yuya’s new video… HOT!
  • Shoutouts
  • M.O.S. 3 coming soon!

Songs Played On This Weeks Show:
Big Bang- Sunset Glow
Maki Goto- Scandalous
Mino & Kyung- Be Quiet
SHINee- Juliette (Japanese version)
SISTAR feat. DJ DOC- So Cool
2PM- I’m Your Man
Aziatix- Go
GP Basic- Jelly Pop
After School Blue- Wonder Boy
NewS- Chirarizumu
Sunny Hill- Pray
Gackt- Ai Senshi
SNSD’s Jessica & Park Myung Soo- Naengmyun
Xiah Junsu- You Are So Beautiful
T-ara- Roly Poly (Copacabana version)
Kis-My-Ft2- Everybody Go

Random Videos:
Here's the videos we where talking about in regards to Yokoyama Yuu of Kanjani8.
I can't embed it so click here 

Best Junsu fan tribute EVER!

Zico rapping about cocks... no really.


  1. I need to get back onto twitter this is the third dang time I missed a ustream show!! Grr
    By the way, epic intro song, I'm scarred for life now.

  2. This was the best show ever.......
    cyn should totally get typsy more often......LmaO
    yokoyama should totally play the synthesizer all he has to do is push buttons it makes cool sounds and the that chick with the short hair from sakanaction plays the synthesizer too....
    i remember reading somewhere that joon from mblaq said that he consider a helpful mentor or sth like that.....
    Speaking of yunho I rather listenn to his not so good singing than his annoying ass nasally rap.....
    and speaking of singing yoochun does NOT sing better than changmin even before the cigarettes fucked up his voice.......

    Ohhh and I dont think many ppl know this but the bible that we know now is a translation from the greek version of the hebrew bible..... In that book the greek word they translated as homosexuality doesnt mean homosexually actually its a compound word that really means prostitution, pedophillia, rape etc so all that hate against gays and big ups to kbs

    Sorry if I sound serious but shit like that piss me off