Wednesday, September 21, 2011

[Show] APOPA Show #104

Week #104

Never fear! We have returned! Thanks for waiting.

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  • Didn’t think we’d open with this huh?
  • Betty is a lie!
  • Super Junior giveaway!!!

  • 1st APOPA meet up recap.
  • Pictures stolen!!!!
  • NY stories.
  • No T.O.P.

  • True Blood is over!
  • Pay your taxes!
  • Lee Jun Ki continues to do things not army related.
  • Someone sounds salty.
  • Luda & YG.
  • RAIIIINNNNNNNN us going to the army finally???
  • Everyone just go to the army now.
  • Free K-Pop concert will now be in New Jersey.
  • Ai Kago needs help.
  • GD & TOP in Japan….really???
  • Matsuken babies!!!
  • A! A! A! A! A!
  • Which J-actor could play Dracula?
  • We break it down… Tina Turner style.
  • Tazanya comes on to break down the 2NE1 Korean concert.
  • Goo Hara feet jokes…. Goodbye Kara listeners! *waves goodbye*
  • Asian artist nominated for a MTV European Award.
  • Face tattoos.
  • More artist to be a part of Immortal Song.
  • NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! NOT DIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Fukuyama Masaharu is the best…nuff said.
  • No more twitter for you!
  • Show Luo loves being rejected.
  • Edison Chen is riding solo.
  • Bleach sucks!
  • It’s soooo unfair.
  • Julili comes on and gives her fan account of the 2PM & SHINee concert.
  • Johnny’s Corner.
  • Last minute news run down.
  • “Betty’s cracking me up”…Otaku corner.
  • Shoutouts/Birthdays/Anniversaries

 Songs Played On This Show:
Rainbow- A (Japanese version)
Ravex feat. Namie Amuro- Rock U
Jay Park- Demon
Ayumi Hamasaki feat. JUNO- Why
JYJ- Get Out
Brown Eyed Girls- Hot Shot
Aziatix- Superstar
Koda Kumi- Ai Wo Tomenaide
Beni- Crazy Girl
Kara- Step
Sowelu feat. Wise- I Want U
SHINee- Juliette (Japanese version)
Wei Chan feat. Joon & Thunder from MBLAQ- Run Away
UKISS- Neverland
JYJ- In Heaven
Paul Kim- Someone Like You (Adele cover)

Random Videos: 
Shoutout to Paul Kim & David So.... this is SO on point  & correct. 

Gackt + english = HOT!

M-Flo is back!!!

This should be the official twitter theme song.


  1. YAY! Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Damn! I need an ahjumma hat too!  Too many ugly dudes try to holla at me. >_< Where's the cuties?! I need to move...XP Ugh! I wish Shindong's fatty fat ass left to the army. They might actually make his ass do A push up....if the prize is a pizza! >.> He's supposedly going on a diet plan but really... let's just hope he doesn't end up mistaking Leetuk as a hotdog. his going to be seeing things. Oooooohhh! Anyway, congrats to JYJ again! :) They really brought it with these new MVs! Glad they got over that disaster called "Ayy Girl". and OMG! I saw CL's solo performance in fancams. it was AWESOME! CL owned it for me! heehee It's funny how APOPA makes so much fun out of the bias or groups I like, but ironically I find it funny too. O_O

  3. Shindong had the eyelid surgery to make sure his face wasn't just several chins of "not fat".

  4. Brotherhood is alive and well in the kpop industry. SUJU supports their very own Shindong... (see pic!)

  5. Contrary to popular belief, the earthquakes in Japan weren't caused by shifting plates. In reality... Shindong jumped.

    ...I'm going to hell for that joke, aren't I? OTL

  6. Boooooooo. I want the poster, but my love is too strong. *sigh* The things I give up for that dumbass.

  7. Awwh man... I wish I had a mean side :( So I am going to have to give up on this giveaway cause I can't think of anything mean. love you guys anyways >.< 

  8. The block on Youtube in Korea was said to be a fake story, atleast that is what people in Omona said

  9. One more thing. Yesterday I was in Target and totally saw a woman w. an ahjumma hat just like the pic above in red and I immediately thought of u guys