Wednesday, September 28, 2011

[Show] APOPA Show #105

Week #105

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  • ”I’m sexy and I know it. “
  • Old Hollywood talk…..out of no where.
  • Super Junior poster winner.
  • Throw Shade Tuesday.
  • Don’t email us dumb ish.
  • Haters to the mutha effing left!
  • Idol rappers, STOP IT!
  • So he says he’s leaving Oct 11th.
  • They Korean army just got SEXIER!!!
  • The APOPA ladies are in heat.
  • Tablo makes a not so shocking move.
  • Han Geng is free! Or so we think.
  • What’s up with the weird videos JYJ?
  • Joon’s in a drama.
  • It’s a Japanese & Korean collaboration.
  • Hallyu wave riding high in Japan.
  • Ivy is back.
  • Who loses their visas?
  • Betty’s got jokes!
  • Karaoke break.
  • Yuya to be in a movie?
  • Jae’s kissing a girl?
  • J-album covers SUCK!
  • Stick to ONE concept.
  • “Hunting”
  • 30 minutes is too long.
  • Girls hating on other girls.
  • SHE’s Selina has a _______ voice.
  • Mir needs to sit down.
  • Simon D pushes back album release date.
  • JYJ is heading to Spain.
  • “Ana’s ready to go home”… Otaku corner.
  • Ban has been lifted for the time being.
  • Johnny’s corner: Who’s the biggest JE douchebag.
  • Shoutouts

Songs Played On This Show:
2NE1- Don’t Stop The Music (Japanese version)
Breakerz- Go
Wang Leehom- Open Fire
Dok2 feat. Supreme Team- Shit The Way Shit
Brown Eyed Girls- Sixth Sense
Heo Young Saeng- Out The Club
Exile- Rising Sun
Yoojeen- Sacrification
The Quiett feat. B-Free, Nuck'넋업샨, Paloalto & Junggigo - Be My Luv
SNSD- Genie (Japanese version)
Nine Muses- Figaro
Spy Air- Samurai Heart
Big Bang- Tonight (Kato remix)
Ai Takahashi - Jishin Motte Yume Motte
Super Junior- A-Cha
Hey! Say! Jump!- Beat Line


  1. haven't listened to the show and i already know that its going to be good
    rain stan forever and always 

  2. I totally agree with you guys. Brown Eyed Girls should win on music shows but its to bad that super junior probably win because of all the crazy fangirls.. :/ 

  3. Lmbo I'm a Texan, and everything y'all said is completely true. xD

    AH. I win! :D (btw who is this "deenuh"? my name is "die-nuuh" xD) Awesome! I will enjoy leetuk's happy trail, thank you C: Do I email you guys my address? :D

    ...damn these have gotten longer. I will have to finish this tomorrow! Thank you for the lulz, but it is my bedtime.