Wednesday, October 19, 2011

[Show] APOPA Show #107

Week #107

We blame the rain.......

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  • What kind of moves do you have?
  • Betty is a dark person.
  • The radio told Telisu…not us…the radio!
  • They look GREAT but…..
  • Same ish, different day.
  • Cray Cray K-pop fan.
  • Super special awesome TOP news.
  • Rain army update.
  • Lee Soo Man throws shade at Super Junior.
  • Bekah keeps it real.
  • Heartbreak weekend for the Cassies.
  • Panty drop day is March 24, 2012
  • Another Japanese protest.
  • You’ve been MBLAQ’d!
  • SDN48 ya fired!
  • It’s ballad season in Japan. Boooooo.
  • The Dolphins suck again!
  • Heyyyyy KHJ Heyyyyyyy!
  • Jessica comes on to give her fan account of the Matsushita Yuya show & Kazoku festival.
  • J.Lo & her fiat.
  • What we do best….random talk.
  • Pressed Infinite fans.
  • Hyde loves Nicole.
  • Ouran High School Host club movie cast rumors.
  • It’s not a reunion if only 1 shows up.
  • The APOPA 2011 awards will be called………
  • Jay Chou aint nothing to eff whit!
  • It sounds Italian but it’s really Korean.
  • “Mamamelo” Otaku corner.
  • Betty’s Korean Word/Throw Shade.
  • Johnny’s Corner: WTF is Johnny smoking?
  • Daesung is back!!!
  • TOP….HOT!
  • United Cube concert in London confirmed!
  • Block B cares about Rick Ross.
  • Shoutouts.
  • No show next week. Texas, here Cyn comes!!!

Songs Played On This Show:
Aziatix- A Game
Straightener- Clone
Wang Leehom- Still In Love With You
SHINee- Love Like Oxygen (Japanese version)
SNSD- The Boys (Korean version)
Tablo feat. Naul of Brown Eyed Soul- Air Bag
TVXQ- Maximum
JPM- Moonwalk
Alex & Horan- Blooming Flowers
BRIDGET- Give me
Kim Hyun Joong- Lucky Guy
Chin Chinawut- How Many Times Do You Want It
Jinusean- Phone Number
Jess Lee- Suffering
Show Luo- 10001 Nights
DJ Masa & Shindong- Shin Family 101
Deux Process feat. Roscoe Umali- The Ballad of Lost Angels

Random Videos:

Saw this live and it was HYSTERICAL.
Here's the link to Hulu but it's only available in the US.

Shige knew this would happen one day, except this time, it's no April Fools joke.

Check out Ellie & David's new episode of "The Seoulcial Life"


  1. LOL! I was the one that wrote the "broken leg" comment on youtube. That was my fail attempt at sarcasm. That concert sounds awful. I was trying to be funny, (wich im obviously not) xD just wanted to clear that up.. Okay Bye.

  2. OH THANK SHEESUS YOU WERE KIDDING!!! lmfaooooo I'm sorry I didn't catch on to the sarcasm but I'm so glad you were kidding cuz I was gonna have to pray for you....lmao <333

  3. When yamapi and ryo left I remembered that april fools video. I was wondering if koyama still thought like that "we'll be nothing without yamapi" .