Thursday, November 24, 2011

[Fashion Fail Of The Week] Week #110

Double fail this week. Can we get another hair color in the Asian scene besides blonde please?!?!?

Matsushita Yuya

Block B's Zico


  1. What hair color should they get then? Asians have black or brown hair. So they go blonde. And don't you dare suggest some stupid rainbow color. That's for preteens who think they're being edgy. By the way, Matsushita has brown hair.

  2. lol never a rainbow color. Yes Yuya is back to brown. This post was from months ago. The problem is when they go blonde, they either do a really light shade of blonde or a yellow cheese blonde that does not look good on them. If they go blonde, fine but just do a shade of blonde that compliments them, not make them look haggard or terrible.