Wednesday, December 7, 2011

[Awards] Nominate Your Favs!!!

It's that time of year again! Forget all those other awards show! This is the only one that matters because it REALLY comes from you guys!

Nominations will be taken starting now thru December 18th. The top 5 most nominated music acts will move on to the final round. The final nominees will be announced on December 19th.

Final voting on all the nominees will run from the 19th thru 26th.

Copy and paste the categories below and email us who you think should be nominated.
Email it to you have until the 18h!

Here are the categories for this years award show. Nominate all of your favs today!

GTFO My TV! (Japanese & Korean)
Biggest WTF of the Year (Japanese & Korean)
Douchebag of the year (Japanese & Korean)
Most Annoying Song (Japanese & Korean)
Twitter whore of the year (Japanese & Korean)
Artist Who Needs More Airplay (Japanese & Korean)
Best comeback (Japanese & Korean)
Worst comeback (Japanese & Korean)
Most Improved Artist or Group (Japanese & Korean)
Song of the Year (Japanese, Korean, English)
The ultimate BAMF of the year (Japanese & Korean)
Worst dressed of the year (Japanese & Korean)
Worst hair style (Japanese & Korean)
Best Drama (Japanese & Korean)
Most rigid award show (Japanese & Korean)
Most “FABULOUS” male (Japanese & Korean)
Artist who’s had most shade thrown at by APOPA (Japanese & Korean)


  1. Why only Japanese and Korean?

  2. As we explained on the show is that we're not as well versed in mandopop or c-pop as we are more so with Korean or Japanese. We have reached out to our listeners before to school us on it but besides maybe 2 or 3 artist that we know and like we have yet to fully get in it. Also we've noticed a lot of our audience tend to stick with more Japanese and Korean than anything else. You are free to nominate what you like and we'll take it also into consideration. Cool?

  3. Too lazy to email
    hope this counts though
    GTFO MY TV- Super Junior if not,  Leeteuk