Thursday, January 12, 2012

[Show] APOPA Show #115

Week #115

Happy New Year!!! It's the first show of 2012!!! 
Enjoy it cuz according to Ana we're all gonna die soon.... smh... 

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  • New/old studio.
  • 2012 revelations.
  • Hayyyy, Kim Hyun Joong, Hayyyyy.
  • Show #114 recap.
  • Tasha is the queen!
  • EXO… a.k.a all about Kai.
  • Dear Yunho…
  • Japan Record Awards is so old school.
  • GIVEAWAY!!!!!!
  • MBLAQ is back!
  • 40,000 not 4 million.
  • Lovey Lovey Dovey oh Oh oh oh
  • No 8th member.
  • Hellloooooo Hyorin’s booty.
  • Golden Disk Award part 1 winners.
  • Fans have wasted 5 minutes of our time.
  • Wonder Girls are dub steppin.
  • The K-Pop invasion into America. Who will win?
  • Blogger Wars!!!!! HIDE YO WIFE! HIDE YO KIDS!!!
  • What would you do for money?
  • Yoochun is a prince.
  • JYJ is headed to South America.
  • Arama They Didn’t users react to being called “Douchebags”
  • “Melo Award” winners.
  • The Blue Ivy of Japan is born.
  • Yuya, just remove the mole already.
  • Kieko’s a hoe…according to reports.
  • “End of the world 2012”…Otaku corner.
  • Justin Bieber to sign with SM Entertainment?
  • JYP & YG artist fail at being funny?
  • Welcome to the Block.
  • Calvin Chen & f(x)’s Victoria to star in a drama together.
  • Happy Coming of Age Day Japan!
  • A “queen” rips K-Pop.
  • Johnny’s Corner.
  • Shoutouts.

Huge thanks to two of our affiliates for providing us with some great prizes that we're giving away.

Songs Played On This Weeks Show:
T-ara- Lovey Dovey
SNSD feat. DEV- Bad Girl (The Cataracs remix)
Ali- I’ll Be Dammed
Teen Top- Driving Me Crazy
Girard, Triangle Offense, Miso Kim & Jake Choi- Number 1
MBLAQ- It’s War
Rainbow Pixie- Hoi Hoi
DJ Clazzi feat. feat. Kota & Jubi of Sunny Hill & MYK- Sexy Doll
Jennifer Chung- Your Year
Ayumi Hamasaki- Moments
Chocolat- I Like It
Crystal Kay- Superman
After School- Rambling Girls
Fat Cat- Is Being Pretty Everything?
U-Kiss- Tick Tack
D2O (DETOUR)- Woo Woo Woo
UVERworld- Kinjito

Random Videos:

Kids say the darnedest things...

It's a made in horrible outfit heaven.

This queen needs to chill out.

Let's learn more about Kobayashi.

Shout out to the awesome, DJ Yigytugd for mixing up some of hte best songs of 2011!


  1. Yeah.......SS501 who?! Ha! It's all about Kim Jung Hyun. The signed Wonder Girls album, please! Also about the whole J-Pop and K-Pop thing. II honestly didn't see why they had to fight over it. J-Pop and K-Pop are of the same genre: POP music. Pop music is not really known to be original. It's pretty much all mainstream music. J-Pop is not that unique like people think. All I gotta say is people are going to like whatever they want. Just because K-Pop is popular now doesn't mean it will be popular internationally worldwide years from now. What's popular changes and people's taste in music changes.

  2. Oh yeah, the question about LOENxT-ara connection...
    LOEN apparently distributes CCM's stuff, no idea why~ considering MNET alone distributes? 0_o lol anyway...yeah.

    SS501 Who?

  3. welcome back!!!! :D

  4. I think that some of the other companies use LOEN Entertainment as their publisher, thats why they upload other companies MVs. So you also see the LOEN logo at the back of their albums.

  5. ss501 who?
    MBLAQ pleaaase!

  6. SS501 who?
    Wonder Girls American CD or Infinite Poster ^_____^

  7. w00t new show! I WANNA HEAR THE NEW INTROS


    oh, and btw, SS501 WHO?

  8. You'll hear the new intros next week. I had forgot it at home. lol 

  9. Also which prize are you entering for?

  10. ss501 who?Mblaq!!! 

  11. SS501 Who? 
    Wonder Girls new album :)

  12. SS501 who?
    Wonder Girls signed album

    Welcome back girls!!! :)

  13. ss501 who?

    i wanna enter for MLAQ and Jin!

  14. SS501 Who? Signed Wonder Girls album please :D The non signed WG album? lol or the mblaq album :D

    So glad you ladies are back. I can't wait to be able to listening to the new shows while I'm at the gym. Listening to you guys keeps me motivated while I'm on the treadmill even though people give me weird looks cause I'm laughing my ass off xD lol.

  15. Yay, welcome back :)
    I've always wondered the same thing about LOEN, it's all so very confusing ><

    SS501 who?
    Wonder Girls signed album please ^^

  16. SS501 Who?
    Mblaq, Signed Wonder Girls album, New Wonder Girls, Jin ( I like infinite, but i have no place to put a poster)  These are some great prizes.   

  17. ss501 who? the MBLAQ's album, Wonder Girls "Wonder World"

    MBLAQ :)

  19. ss501 who? :D i need that infinite poster :P 

  20. SS501 who? 
    MblaqSigned Wonder Girls Album

  21. SS501 who?

    no srsly nugu

    I'm requesting the Wonder World album *\o/*

  22. SS501 Who?

    MBLAQ or the Wonder Girls FTW!

  23. SS501 who? I really want that MBLAQ album, but I'll even take Infinite.

  24. My stomach hurts every after show. Your laughs are contagious! You three are sooo funny PERIOD XD i was gasping for air when you talked about Yunho. (and i'm a big fan of TVXQ/JYJ too). 

    SS501 Who? 
    lol MBLAQ, the latest wondergirls album and their american. ^_^

  25. First, welcome back Ladies! I have missed my weekly APOPA D; & second, congrats on the new studio! So I think Kai is going to be the face of EXO (Or the only name I'll remember for now) SM seriously needs to finally debut them because there's no need for them to come out with 15+ teasers . Legit, I thought I was the only that was getting tired of Yunho doing the same moves. Lovey Dovey and Hoi Hoi will be stuck in my head for a while now lol.. You know that Blogger War crap is still going on >_> Ridiculous if you ask me.. Thanks for this week's show ♥ Like always you guys never fail to have me dying of laughter at work lol & have you guys ever been told your laughs are contagious? My sister is always dying when she hears ya laughing xD SS501 Who? Wonder Girls recent CD would be lovely, please ^^

  26. I love the show^^ I cant wait for the new intro :D 
    SS501 who? MBLAQ 100% cd and Wonder Girls signed american cd and Infinite poster please ^^ 

  27. I still have to listen to shows 112, 113 and watch 114.
    At least I'll have something to listen to next week when I go back to school.
    Any who... SS501 who?? It's all about MBLAQ and maybe some INFINITE.. ok.. mmmm there's no room on my wall so I choose YOU! MBLAQ! 

  28. SS501 WHO?? MBLAQ and Wondergirls!! :D

  29. SS501 who?

    That Infinite poster and the Jin An-An issue sound exciting... looking forward to seeing who won!

  30. SS501 Who?
    Mblaq please

  31. SS501 who? Mblaq and infinite :D

  32. Welcome back ladies! This was a great show, your commentary on the kpop world keeps me entertained, especially when the podcasts are really long. Can't wait for this weeks!

    Also, SS501 Who? Mblaq, Signed Wonder Girls album, New Wonder Girls, Jin, and Infinite ^___^ I'm a greedy little girl. xp

  33. I love me some Wonder Girls albums! SS501 who?

  34. lol great show as always guys b:
    -long time follower/lurker comes out-
    just wanted to say how you guys always brighten up my world, even tho i may not show my appreciation a lot :)

    and just for the hell of it, ss501 who? i don't really care what i get xD

    fighting/ganbatte/jiayou! :D