Thursday, January 19, 2012

[Show] APOPA Show #116

Show # 116 

*stares at gif*

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  • Forget the bouncer.
  • So much excitement in the studio.
  • Down with SOPA & PIPA!
  • 7 vs 1
  • Ling a ling a ling
  • The DJ is mine.
  • SCHWARZ!!!
  • J.Lo’s greatest hits.
  • I do I do I do.
  • Golden Disk Awards part 2.
  • Nine Muses sticks it to the man.
  • “He” kisses a dude. No one is shocked.
  • What is TOP’s next acting role?
  • WGM talk.
  • Cyn’s biases are damned to hell…segment.
  • Joke gone wrong.
  • Big Bang vs Shinhwa
  • Miryo sets album release date.
  • Pho minute is coming back.
  • Buy 2NE1 albums at Best Buy.
  • End of the world .
  • Big Bang to appear on Music Station this week.
  • Kara is banking.
  • Hep Hap!
  • MBLAQ  can sing & dance???? Say Whaaaaaaaaattttt
  • Rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkk corner.
  • “Cyn is slightly tard like…” Otaku corner.
  • WHO WON????
  • Got 10 years to spare? Become a part of SM Entertainment family!
  • Ajusshi….
  • Nugu boys.
  • Sunmi back with the Wonder Girls? (I accidently said YG and not JYP…my bad. Lol)
  • Junsu has a boo boo.
  • SHADE/Keep it 100.
  • Betty’s Korean word of the week.
  • Johnny’s Corner.
  • Shoutouts!
  • Countdown to Lee Jun Ki’s release.
  • Next week is Cyn’s birthday special! No song requests are needed.

Songs Played On This Show:
Wonder Girls feat. The School Gyrls- The DJ Is Mine
GD & TOP feat. Park Bom- Oh Yeah (Japanese version)
Spica- Potently
Block B- It’s Not Over
Sunnyhill- The Grasshopper Song
Phantom- Hole In Your Face
2AM- Never Let You Go (Japanese version)
ZE:A- All Day Long
Koda Kumi- Boom Boom Baby
DJ Clazzi feat. MYK – Love & Hate
Guyz- The Stage
Crystal Kay- Journey ~Kimi to Futari de~
As One feat. Donghae from Super Junior- Only You
NS Yoon Ji feat. Two Sidekicks- Shower
JYJ- The Boys Letter

Random Videos:  

 Wang Leehom in a Kobe Bryant commercial.....random. lol


  1. Yeah, my Friday is complete!

  2. Best thing to do while doing homework. :3 I wish I won. *sad face*

  3. I was a little worried when Cyn all of the sudden tweeted me if I had listen to the show. I was like ... " I haven't.. am I in trouble? " 
    I won :D thanks so much.
    Now I don't have to buy it :D

  4. Lovely how I come to comment on this week's show and there's barely any comment but if you go to the one before there's like 20+ comments lol Got me hook on that Ling a ling a ling part lol You guys are too much lmao The ajhusshi part had me rolling xD Like always, good show ♥

  5. 1) The government created the internet (military and Russia to be specific)
    2)  Freedom of Speech is part of the bill of rights aka first ten amendments to the constitution, however Copyright protection is afforded to protect authors of original work via Article I of the Constitution
    3) SOPA/PIPA are overbroad but anti-piracy laws just as valid as anything else.
    4) SOPA/PIPA etc are irrelevant for people like MU who profit from illegally obtained works.  DOJ can nab people without those laws.

  6. u guys make my day! haha" if you have 10 years to spare  join sm"... but its true!

  7. I like "Roget the bouncer" the would become one of my favite recently