Monday, March 12, 2012

[Show] APOPA Show #119 Flashback: 2008

Week #119

Flash back 2008 is in full effect! 

Ah. 2008 was a great time in music. We decided to take a break from that negative nonsense going on in 2012, & we hopped in the delorean & went back into time to spazz about all the things we never did spazz about when APOPA didn't exist! 
So sit back and relax (because this show is a longggggggg one) & reminisce about the happenings in 2008.

Disclaimer: So much happened in 08 that of course we forgot to mention certain things. Don't kill us. Just enjoy the things we did talk about, k?

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  • Just dance!
  • 2012!
  • Fandom is filled with drama.
  • Braxton Family Values.
  • Jang Geun Suk or Bang Yang Guk?
  • A moment of silence.
  • 2008!!!!!!
  • January!
  • Naughty pics galore!
  • Blame yourselves ladies.
  • JYP to make a 12 member group?
  • Akame is real!
  • Sad news from the K-pop world.
  • Yamapi & Abiru broke up???
  • Erika Sawajiri is a hot mess.
  • Who’s going into the army?
  • Purple like that?
  • Forever 5.
  • February!
  • Have a baby or get rotten.
  • L changed the world.
  • Sista Angela!
  • DSP is in trouble?
  • When is Rain going into the army?
  • What if there were 5 Rain babies?
  • TVXQ breaking up??? HELL NO!
  • Big Bang is on fire!
  • Will After School last?
  • Arashi are so naughty.
  • March!
  • “Last Friends” will make you angry.
  • “Yukan” Club sucks balls.
  • Kame to get married?!?!
  • Cartoon KAT-TUN Hokkaido special!
  • Tokio’s Yamaguchi married!
  • April!
  • Tora! Tora! Tora! Tora!
  • Pussy….cats.
  • SMAP can’t sing…SHOCKING!!!!
  • Toto.
  • May!
  • Go! Speed Racer! Go!
  • June!
  • Namie fights back.
  • “Iljimae”
  • July!
  • Johnny’s cock blocking TVXQ.
  • Arashi taking over…again.
  • August!
  • Sad “Coffee Prince” news.
  • Michyeo!
  • A new show started called “Family Outing”
  • September!
  • October!
  • BoA wants to eat you up.
  • SHINee are too young.
  • Leah Dizon preggers?
  • Melody retires.
  • The “Guch” loves the older ladies.
  • November!
  • Koki loves dem hoes.
  • The Muslims are angry at a certain K-Pop group.
  • Darkumbra’s TM Revolution concert review.
  • Pacman on acid.
  • December!
  • Japan Record Award winners.
  • Top 2008 J-Pop songs.
  • Top 2008 K-Pop songs.
  • Top 2008 K-Dramas.
  • Top 2008 J-Dramas.
  • Ok Sori getting her adultery on.
  • Super Junior to release an album?
  • We got married….sorta.
  • G-Dragon to release a solo album.
  • Tons of hype for upcoming K-drama, “Boys Over Flowers”.
  • SBS Gayo Daejun.
  • Fuck your sky!
  • The end.
  • Flash forward to 2012.
  • Shoutouts

Songs Played On This Show:
Ayumi Hamasaki- Mirrorcle World
After School- Ah!
Epik High feat. Ji Sun- One
BRIGHT- Believe
the GazettE – GUREN
Big Bang- Haru Haru
Arashi- Truth
SHINee- Replay
NewS- Taiyou No Namida
Mr. Children- Hanabi
Utada Hikaru- Prisoner of Love
Jewelry- One More Time
Wonder Girls- So Hot
TVXQ- Mirotic
Namie Amuro- Rock Steady
Alice Nine- Rainbows
Taeyang- Only Look At Me
Lee Hyori feat. Nassun- U Go Girl
KAT-TUN- Don’t You Ever Stop
2PM- 10 Out of 10
BoA- Eat You Up
Greeeen- Kiseki
IU- Missing Child
Show Luo – The Story Of A Trendy Man
Koda Kumi feat. Fergie (Black Eyed Peas)- That Ain’t Cool
Son Dambi feat. Eric- Crazy
Lee Hyun Ji-Kiss Me Kiss Me
Rain- Rainism
Gummy feat. TOP- I’m Sorry
Kanjani- Musekinin Hero
Teriyaki Boyz feat. Busta Rhymes & Pharrell- Zock On!
Perfume- Polyrhythm
AJOO- Wealthy 2nd Generation


  1. Yay gurls, thank you so much for this time travel.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Changmin's mouth is like Pacman! That had me. xD I like this episode and listening to many of the songs, I can tell 2008 was the year that had the best music in both K-Pop & J-Pop (well in my opinion). This episode also shows how so naive I was when I was a fan of some of these artists coughTVXQcough because I don't know.... I thought they would've lasted longer at least. Of course that didn't happen. :/ Basically after 2008, everything started to fall apart and my perception of K-Pop/J-Pop and these idols changed. I also find it funny that many of these artists I still listen to till this day! lol Oh well. 
    I never paid attention to Arashi but I'm loving Arashi's "Truth". It sounds.....epic, dark and kinda lulzy. lol And yes Utada Hikaru! I miss her soooooooo much! I wish she would come back. She's still on break. Koda Kumi's Kingdom album is my favorite by her. Saw the tour on YouTube and was rocking out to all her performances. So good!
    Big Bang, Dong Bang Shin Ki, and Wonder Girls were the groups that pretty much owned 2008. Lee Hyori and Rain were the solo artists that caught everyone's attention.
    After School was sooooo much better back in 2008 and when there were lesser members. I liked Bang! and their tap dancing and drummer concept but I would raher have them back when they started off as a smaller group. Can't listen to them now. SHINee best moment for me was with Replay. The music was good and laos they dressed fairly normal. Can't stand their damn pastel pants now.
    The fanchants from TVXQ's Mirotic caught my attention too when I first watch them back then. Mirotic was GREAT! They all looked so good...minus Micky's hairstyle. Jaejoong tied on the wall. Junsu working the camera, Changmin wet, Yunho wrapped and Micky breaking through the ice! The best! Don't care what anyone says. They really brought it with Mirotic. Their perofrmance when they took their shirts off and exposed their backs! Aaaaaaaah! I like almost all the songs off the Mirotic album too. Dumb the ministry made them change the lyrics to "Under My Skin" to "Under my Sky." That makes no sense.
    Daesung on Family Outing was funny! Poor Daesung is rarely given anything and even now. Finally they letting him have his own solo album. He's probably my favorite voice in Big Bang. His parts always sound do good. Lee Hyori in Family Outing was funny too! Never knew she was so witty and humorous.
    Rain with Rainism! He was definitely making it rain that year! I like BoA's music until she came out with her English album and Hurricane Penis. Sadly her musical career slipped away since 2008. IU with Lost Child was phenomenal! I like some of her music now but I like her darker music better than her cute stuff.
    Anyway, thank you APOPA for this flashback! It was awesome! I needed a break from K-Pop and J-Pop nowadays.

  3. Oh and I don't know if you guys were being serious about giving away Utada's Heart Station album but if you're not I would love to have Utada's Heart Station. :) 

  4. When I first heard you girls were going to do an episode about 2008, I was skeptical on how it was going to be. After somehow listening to the entire podcast with a few breaks in between, this idea turned out amazing well. It was hilarious as hell and it was nice remembering how great 2008 was. I dont want to feel like nitpicking or anything because I know how much work it took but I think you girls missed one important topic of 2008, the "Black Ocean" incident with Girls Generation at the Dream Concert.That was a a big scar on Kpop in that year. Anyways, Im glad you girls did this podcast and will wait for the next one whenever it will be released.

  5. That was a great 6 hours, it definitely TOOK MY LIFE FOREBAAA XD!!
    I wonder if I'm 4 years too late for the giveaway draw...
    Can't wait for the next show, hope their wouldn't be as many disturbances like the last ones.

  6. Ah i loved this week's show! So many laughs as always and hopefully I can win that Utada Hikaru Heart Station album, cause i love me some Utada XD

  7. It took me about 2.5 days to listen to the whole show.
    So many stuff I didn't know about back then. I didn't know I could like a After School song xD 
    great show girls.
    and thank god Betty found J-rock because that kiss me song... no words for that.

  8. Hey Girls! It's my first time commenting, but just wanted to say what a great show it was. Even though I wasn't a fan in 2008, its good to hear about all the great and not so great stuff that happened, scandals and such. Love the show and keep it up. And put me on the list for the giveaway. :) 

  9. I don't know if I have to leave a clever comment for this giveaway, but I hope y'all are serious and I can get my hands on an actual Utada CD. Your flashback show was the shit I felt like I was listening to a bunch of old friends - although I DO personally think 2007 was a marginally better year ;) Turrah!