Thursday, April 12, 2012

[Show] APOPA Show #120

Week #120

Yes we are back. It's been awhile, no? We've missed you guys too! 

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  • Somebody call my momma cuz APOPA is back!
  • Cyn got married & had a baby in the time we were gone.
  • Cyn went to Wrestlemania!!!!!
  • WTF is this EXO?
  • To much to soon.
  • Onew is just one of the girls.
  • CEO of Open World Entertainment arrested.
  • Johnny lays down the law.
  • Get off the Akanishi train.
  • Stop lying Meisa!
  • Shake ups in AKB48.
  • M-Flo’s Taku is just a bit pressed.
  • Yamada Yu marries a douche.
  • Get  into Fairies.
  • T-ara to be a nine member group….O.O
  • After School ALSO adding another member.
  • Phrase of the day: I’m done!
  • Yoo Ah In can GET IT!
  • JYJ: apologies, slaps & death.
  • SM Town #3!
  • Dream High the musical in Japan!
  • SHINee is back! Taemin lose the weave.
  • Ohhhh the recording button.
  • It hurts so bad.
  • Rock corner.
  • "I’m done”…Otaku corner.
  • It’s not 20 people…it’s only 6. That makes it soooooo much better.
  • Michelle Lee should have won.
  • U-Kiss headed to Colombia.
  • Taeyang love to vogue.
  • Lee Jun Ki paid the Oricon charts.
  • Trouble in Rania land.
  • SM giving out money so their artist can stay.
  • Who’s got the biggest peen in Japan?
  • Like a hot mess.
  • Johnny’s Corner.
  • Viikii subs now available in Europe.
  • K-Town reality show is a go!
  • Don’t be racially profiled!
  • DONATE! DONATE! DONATE!!!!!!!!!!!

Songs Played On This Show:
Fairies- Beat Generation
Nine Muses- Ticket
Spica- Pain Killer
M-Flo feat. 2NE1- She’s So Out of Control
SHINee- Sherlock
Crystal Kay- Delicious Friday
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- Candy Candy
M.I.B. feat. Yoon Mi Rae- Celebrate
Shinhwa- Hurt
4 Minute- Volume Up
Rainbow- Gonna Gonna Go!
TVXQ- Still
Namie Amuro- Yeah Oh
Nell- Slip Away
2NE1- Like A Virgin

Random Videos: 

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Maeda Atsuko to graduate

 These are some sick individuals.

Minzy working it out.                                                                          

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  1. Exo vidz reaction:  Oh thank god, at least they used different make-up!

    Dude, using the Chinese members as back up dancers and choralists and vice versa... clearly there is a cut in the budget. SME can't afford to fund two separate groups, despite having the talent in the company? Say Waaaaah? x_x