Sunday, April 1, 2012

[Vlog] WTF J-Pop?!?!: Dear Jin, That's Not What I Said

I'm back! New vlog in da house!! what! what! Anyhoo, this vlog touches on Mr. Jin Akanishi and his "brilliant" song titled "That's What She Said". 

 Find out if that's really what "she" said. Enjoy! 

Drop a comment! Hate it or love. Don't currrrr.

My HD cam broke so I had to rely on my web cam, so excuse the crappy quality. I also forgot the intro.Ohhhh well.



  1. OMGGGG. You RTed the lyircs on twitter before and I facepalmed sooo hard. BUT watching this and hearing you read it....DAMMIT I HAD TO PAUSE AFTER EVERY LINE TO CRINGE. True story. Andwae...No, I cant!!!! I want to buy all his cds and LIT THEM ON FIRE!!!!

    why? why why why why!!!

    Ok. I'm done. Sorry >.>

  2. wow... yeah those lyrics were cringe worthy.  I can't believe you finally got off of the Jin train.  The Soldierboy comment had me laughing so hard.  I have to agree with you, I want Cartoon KAT-TUN back too.