Saturday, May 19, 2012

[Show] APOPA Show #121

Show #121

APOPA's back??????

WE ARE!!! This episode is so full of shade. We got really feisty on this show. Enjoy & drop a comment!

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  • Chicken Head
  • Let them get married!
  • J.Lo hate needs to stop.
  • WTF is AJ Slater?
  • TV & life changes.
  • YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tarantula
  • It’s not Intoxication Part 2.
  • The theory of porno.
  • Church of Siwon.
  • Bible study with Siwon.
  • Still waiting on bated breath for those Big Bang tour dates.
  • Up skirt shots are not cute.
  • Let’s all dress like Indians.
  • Google loves K-Pop.
  • Open World CEO arrested.
  • Netizens got one right.
  • Oricon Weekly Chart.
  • Erika Sawajiri has issues….again.
  • Gazette & their insane tour names.
  • Love it, Embrace it, Live it....that's it.
  • Daichi finally reached the top 10.
  • Ayumi & Nagase back together???
  • The reason behind the shade & craziness on today’s show.
  • Bitches love Yoobin.
  • Jay Park is getting freaking.
  • Haaaaayyyyyy Dalmation Haaaaayyyyy.
  • Another After School member to graduate.
  • Jessica’s fail pitch.
  • TOP to kick ass in a new movie?
  • Boom’s a dick.
  • SM Town….again
  • Johnny’s Corner.
  • KAT-TUN don’t curr.
  • WTH is going on???
  • The many faces of Tiger JK.

Songs Played On This Show:
Arashi- Face Down
TaeTiSeo- Twinkle feat. M.C. The Max- Crazy Fate
Itano Tomomi- 10 nen Go no Kimi E
Xiah Junsu feat. Flowsik of Aziatix- Tarantallegra
Rude Paper feat. Sean2Slow- Don’t Believe
Tee feat. Crystal Kay- Answer
Sistar- Alone
Aziatix- Alright
Daichi Muria- Two Hearts
Sunny Hill- The White Horse Is Coming
Infinite- The Chaser
IU- Peach
Super Junior- Opera (Japanese version)

Random Videos:

Ohhhhh Jessica.....lmfaooooo

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! coming soon.

Bad Ass.

These guys are awesome alone but together....MIND BLOWN!


  1. -Thank you for a new show.I dont know how ppl can survive this long without one.

    -One thing I am surprise about the Junsu video is that why hasnt anyonne said in the youtube comments "Junsu is apart of the illuminati". Anyways, the video is a complete mess and I dont understand the amount of sucking off people are doing about the video like its great. If a music video does not explain wtf is going without having to give an explanation after seeing it, it failed. This type of thing is becoming a trend and that it sad. IU's "you and I", Mblaq's "this is war" are some of the recent examples of videos not making sense.

    -The other problem I am going to have with that google concert is the chat on youtube. God damn is Kpop concert chats are shit. You cant get a word in or even ask a simple question like "who is this group?' or "what is the name of this song?". Its just all spam of like "OMGGGGGGG he is so hot.", "This is unfair, I wish this was subtitled"name, "(insert member's) looks so good, I love him so much", etc and its like if the chat is filled with 12 year olds.

    -That Jay Park mixtape has to be a joke he is playing on his fans. I dont understand how someone can act as "idol" in Korea but then when they release English material, its all about acting hard and having sex. I have a love making playlist (everyone should have one) ranging from Al Green to Jodeci to Raheem Devaughn. I have some asian artists on the playlist because they have good love making songs (Rain and Shimizu Shota are a few examples) The quality of Jay Park's sex songs cant even come close to reach my playlist.

    -The funny things about Jessica being on "PTI" is that a simple video like a messed up pitch got played on a American tv and Korean companies have spent so much money trying to even get noticed by the American public.

    -How is the excuse of "use of violence" is a reason why Dal Shabet's "Hit U" is banned. They  shoot people and they bleed purple paint. So a video like that is banned but in Mblaq's "It's War", people literally get shot in the head but its cool to show in Korea? (I dont hate Mblaq btw, I am just using them as examples).

  2. -Lol the Illuminati thing, yes. I feel like a lot of videos have been making their on quasi-illuminati take on videos. Very few actually do it right, however. It leaves people scratching heads, and it's a bit silly because it's just kpop. Why make it so complicated? If the message were complex, then it would seem more acceptable, i guess. But like i said on the show, the music isn't that great and therefore the video becomes all the more lulzy.
    -This is why i stay away from that sort of thing.

    -Lol i have nothing further to add.

    -It's sooo sad.

    -Oh the inconsistencies.... 

  3. I MISSED U GUYZ SOOOOOOO MUCH! Welcome back :-)

  4. Im a gay guy, and Junsu as a lady was a total turn-off!! and even I got the "homosexual" vibe from that taranteagulakfj video..  and umm wasn't it the group X-5 that was under open world entertainment? not F.Cuz..  oh btw, no Infinite news?

  5. Im a gay guy, and Junsu as a lady was a total turn-off!! and even I got
    the "homosexual" vibe from that taranteagulakfj video..  and umm wasn't
    it the group X-5 that was under open world entertainment? not F.Cuz.. 
    oh btw, no Infinite news? 

  6. I love that you guys are back! Everything was so funny and I can't wait to hear more!

  7. Great show again. Many rib-cracking lulz were had. Thank you.

    This is exactly the kind of useless comment that I find annoying, but I'll say it anyway. Your judgement of Junsu's video surprised the hell out of me. Taste is subjective and in no way do I think the video is everyone's cup of tea---even most people's cup of tea--but it was odd to hear you completely tear it down when you're usually so open to crazy ****. Objectively, the song is weak. We agree on that. Objectively, I think the video IS consistent. It's a range of gender play, stereotypes to deviance, androgyny. It's clearly inspired by Junsu's role as Death, which he developed by thinking of the character as being genderless. It's only as 'homosexual' as it is 'heterosexual' and everything in between. At times the male dancers move in a 'feminized' way. At times the female dancers move in a 'masculine' way and vice versa. The costumes reflect this, too. It's provocative by presenting gender as fluid... particularly in a culture that takes their gender roles very seriously.

    I admit I'm a Junsu fan. Have been for a long time. Largely because of his give-no-f**ks attitude about being an 'idol' and his drive to improve himself as an artist. Nothing about the video is outside of Junsu's character. He does stuff 100% and owns it, whether it's a success or not. That includes playing soccer, making crap jokes, or embodying a broader vision of gender. I feel like the latter was an achievement for him as an artist and performer.
    I respect/admire Gaga for the same reasons even though I don't always like her/what she does.

    Ugh. Wall of text. Sorry.
    tl;dr: Didn't expect you to like it, but surprised you saw no value in the concept.

  8. Do I detect a little fear of losing the hetero ... *cough* ... I mean hot and sexy man that is XIAH from INTOXICATION?  Androgyny is harmless dude. And as common as it is in Kpop it's  hardly ever a ... should I say KINK? ... for fear of censorship and cut air time which Junsu has somehow become the reigning king of. I do I agree though, he needs to get that plush booty back. Fuck diets. But then again, that might have been a little too much for eager male audiences.
    To tell you the truth, I think this video is just a mess of all that he technically shouldn't do on Korean television because it's not allowed and International television because it's misleading.  The whole boycott thing is like a call to rebellious freedom.  ALL BOW DOWN TO LONG OVERDUE TEENAGE REBELLION. Although if he's really gay ... I'm gonna cry.  Another sexy soul lost on the other side. Shit. Don't we girls get some slack? At least replace them with hot sexy kinky women on public broadcast for gods sake! Then at least I know, there is balance in the world. 

    Hilarious bit on SIWON too. LOL

    Anyway, agree to disagree? CONGRATS on the return! Keep on with hilarious shows. Yeeeeaya!

  9. I agree, I thought the visual was pretty consistent too.  Again, I'm also a Junsu fan so I'm biased. It's weird, I liked the song and thought it was catchy but then again I'm familiar with the word TARANTALLEGRA, which I hope he got permission to use since it's not his and can objectively translate the words in my head. It's not THE KPOP sound we are used to and that threw me off but once I stopped trying to pin it down my head stopped spinning.

  10. Well for Junsu's Tarantallegra, I will admit and agree with you guys that it's definitely NOT his best work musically. I like that Junsu is trying to go against the idol trend in his music but the track "Tarantallegra" can be grating to the ears after listening to it a few times. It's my least favorite track on the album. As for the MV though, overall I actually liked it. lolol Yeah, it was very homoerotic but I still loved it. I liked the choreography, the concept, and I didn't have a HUGE problem with all of his haristyles and outfits. I think the only outfit I really didn't like was the one in the teaser with his shirt buttoned up. That outfit didn't seem to fit him in the right places at all. I also didn't ike his red/orange hair. Other than that the rest of the outfits were decent. Hey, it's K-Pop so I don't expect to see idols wearing normal clothes and I've seen much worse. As for the  Flowsik doppelbanger, I didn't see the point in him being in it. Though to be honest like I said, I didn't feel a rap was necessary at all in Tarantallegra (I hate random raps in songs!)..  As for the rest of the album, it all comes down to preference. I like dance tracks AND ballads so I liked most of the album. The only tracks I didn't care for were Sunset (I never really care for intro tracks), Tarantallegra, and 알면서도. The rest I was fine with. For Junsu's next album, I do expect the production to be better and I wouldn't mind hearing Junsu (and JYJ) continue to  try different styles of music. For now, I think what will help them is if they get a bigger production team. There's so much JYJ can squeeze out into an album plus they're still beginners when it comes to producing music. They made songs in the past but there haven't been many times where they were able to work completely on their music. JYJ still have some room for improvement.

    Jessica's pitch was so BAD! lolol Reminds me of Mariah Carey's pitch!

    And Jay Park's mixtape was so lulzy as hell. I can't take him seriously!