Monday, May 28, 2012

[Show] APOPA Show #122

 Week #122

Time to beat the dead horse. I just felt the need to use this gif. Don't judge me.

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  • Holiday Innnnnnn.
  • Intro (So yeah, during the intro song Cyn & Ana’s mics were low. Enjoy 3 mins of Betty. Lol)
  • Eurovision
  • Comments about last week’s show.
  • Idol & Dancing With The Stars finale.
  • We got jailed!
  • Ana did the unthinkable!!
  • New tshirt ideas!!!
  • New header time!!!
  • Poor G.NA
  • It’s time to face the music girl.
  • Our stanning has changed thru out the years.
  • MBC Korean Wave at Google. WTF were they at?
  • The shade & the good.
  • The solo’s were killer.
  • Take your fake ass guitar off my stage!
  • No Siwon. Fail.
  • Over extra Rising Sun.
  • Leader of Dal Shabet came to her senses.
  • Jonte has everyone vouging in K-Pop.
  • The Korean Men Association need to have several seats.
  • G.I. Joe pushed till next Summer. BOOOOOO!!!
  • One Day solo releases coming soon.
  • K-Pop Star contestants make their moves.
  • 2NE1 & Big Bang comebacks soon.
  • Some people don’t cry pretty.
  • Watch your hubcaps.
  • Korean version of “Hana Kimi” coming soon.
  • Yoon Mi Rae to debut in America!
  • Mesia Kuroki found a job, post baby.
  • AKB48 Tokyo Dome & Astuko’s graduation date reveled.
  • Namie Amuro doing it big for her 20 year anniversary.
  • Horikita Maki sex tape?!?!
  • Gay sex= bestiality apparently.
  • Sawajiri Erika needs to take a definite break from life.
  • MTV World Stage line up announced.
  • Rolling Stone magazine’s fail top 10.
  • Poor MC Mong.
  • Clown J can go to jail.
  • Why is 2PM vogueing?
  • Trot MV banned!
  • Memorial service for Dragon Ash bassist.
  • Far East Movement album pushed back.
  • K-Town coming to a computer screen near you.
  • “That was not Mortal Kombat”…Otaku corner.
  • Johnny’s Corner.
  • Tracie’s fan account for the MBC Korean wave concert.
  • Shoutouts

Songs Played On This Show:
Far East Movement feat. Crystal Kay- Where The Wild Things Are
Buck Tick- Elise no Tame ni
Happiness- We Can Fly
The Koxx- 12:00
G.NA- 2 Hot
Baek Ji Young (feat.Yong Jun Hyung of BEAST)- Good Boy
Geeks- Hangover
E.via feat
Glay- Bible
Wanting- Drenched
Xiah Junsu- Lullaby



  2. "I need to get my KeKe's ... and if that means I have to shade everyone left and right then dat'z wat the fuck I'm gonna do!!!" ... ROTFL ... Nicely said. Okay, goin back to the show now.  ...................... after 5x more replays ........ +1 .................. alright alright .... pushin play now, for realz dis time.

  3. "Stop fuckin wit me YG, just give me the date so I can plan ma vacation!" You guys are hilarious. LOL

  4. The MBC Google concert overall was pretty good. It was amusing at times but enjoyable for many reasons (mostly because of the shade). My favorite would have to be the Wonder Girls. IDK. They seemed the most pumped up and I liked that they performed Tell Me. :)

    And I couldn't even believe it's been 20 YEARS since Namie Amuro has been in the music industry. Wow!

    And yes, I'm wondering too when YG is going to announce the US tour dates for BIGBANG's ALive tour. I'm also still wating for Daesung's solo album! They said his was going to be the first of the solo albums to be released.....back in like February/March. :(
    I'm worried about 2NE1's album coming out though. I like Teddy and I won't deny he's made some good jams BUT I want something new! Give Teddy a break! I liked 2NE1 's first album "To Anyone" better than their 2nd mini because it had more variety. :o