Tuesday, July 31, 2012

BREAKING! T-ara Take Turns Punching Cyn!!!!

With recent events of T-tanic bullying coming out, we have another one to expose to the world!

A few months ago, Cyn was minding her own business, trying to shuffle to Lovey Dovey without hurting herself when Jiyeon & Eunjung confronted Cyn on her messy shuffling skills. After they dropped a few shibal's towards Cyn, Eunjung proceeded to repeatedly punch her in the eye while Jiyeon laughed away! Cyn's nose is fine. That's just a family side effect. They suffer from wide noses. It was a scary & horrific moment for Cyn. Very tragic. 

*This is a joke. Not real story. Just a distraction from the million of T-ara post being made every bleeping minute of today. Cyn's eye is fine....now. She's allergic to cats. Enemies now know her weakness. 

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