Wednesday, August 15, 2012

[Show] APOPA Show #126

Week #126

This heffa better be impressed with this weeks show! Shoooooo. 

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  • Time to read people!
  • 2 weeks in a row!
  • New tshirts coming soon!
  • Cyn needs a new twitter.
  • The Olympics are over.
  • Politics bring out the ugly in people.
  • We shade because we love.
  • Mega downloads!! WE LOVE YOU!
  • Last week’s contest was lulz for us.
  • TMI Koda Kumi.
  • Cyn gets picked on….again.
  • T-tanic 2012 update.
  • Soyeon speaks the truth.
  • To all the doubters, FU!
  • Gangnam Style continues to live on.
  • The G-Dragon comeback is near.
  • No, TVXQ is not getting back together….for now.
  • The Yunho shade continues…
  • K-ara is ready to unleash “Pandora.”
  • Oricon weekly charts.
  • Are there any really good SMAP songs?
  • AKB48 taking over the AnAn sex special issue.
  • FT Island to return to Korea.
  • Kim Hyun Joong pwning in Japan.
  • Korean netizens go after Utada Hikaru.
  • Top 10 male celebrities gay men don’t want to sleep with.
  • Loose booty.
  • The Korean version!
  • Rock corner.
  • We need more K-Rock!!!
  • Betty & Cyn take shots at each other.
  • Shisus dad needs to drink some STFU juice.
  • Let’s do it for Jesus.
  • Vote for the Wonder Girls in Miami!!!!!
  • Ariel Lin confirms she’s in a relationship.
  • Comebacks galore.
  • Soy Un Dorito.
  • YG new girl group info.
  • CEO of Open World Entertainment has been sentenced.
  • SNSD to drop more singles in Japan.
  • Can you paint the colors in the sky?
  • Shout outs to all the tribes!
  • Stop taking naked pictures!
  • The SM Best of Album.
  • Seungri is taking over Japan.
  • Soy un dorito: Otaku corner.
  • “No Hater Zone” with Cyn.
  • Johnny’s corner.
  • No senoritas for a video about senoritas.
  • MNET’s 1st K-Pop convention!
  • Shoutouts! 

Songs Played On This Show:
PSY- Gangnam Style
W & Whale- Acrobat Girl (Circus)
TVXQ- Android
Hangeng- Wild Cursive
T-ara- Don’t Leave
Wonder Girls feat. Akon- Like Money
Perfume- Spending All My Time
Emily feat. LK & Justa Tee- Xin Anh Dung
2BiC feat. Ailee- Love Again
Jasmine- B_TCH_S
2NE1- I Love You
BoA- Only One
Miura Ryosuke- Natsu Dayo Honey!
Handsome People- Woowei Woowei
Super Junior- Spy
Da Mouth- R U Kidding Me


  1. hi girls,

    I'm wondering how do you meet each other?

  2. I mean how did you meet each other? (Fuck Google Translate!!!)

  3. Oh Twitter! I don't care either if people follow/unfollow me but I have had the experience I someone tweeting me back "WHY DO YOU UNFOLLOW MEEEEE?!" Actually something crazy happened to me a few months ago. It was around the time the whole JYJ and sasaeng thing blew up. When everyone was talking about it, I noticed on Twitter many sasaeng fans were pissed and butthurt because many fans couldn't stand them. Coincidentally, one of the fans that I followed was acting strange too. So I unfollowed her and many other crazy stans. And like literally after I unfollowed them I got a tweet from this fangirl asking me why I unfollowed her. I was about to answer her back but I looked at her bio and it said she was a sasaeng fan! I blocked that bitch! She also had like a tracker or some app to check when someone unfollowed her. Plus, I looked at her tweets and apparantly she stalks other fans too.

  4. LOL i hate that too. Well Ana & I (Cyn)....we met in middle school in 7th grade but we became much closer during our high school years. Then Betty & I are cousins.

  5. hey!! this is your new (the yunho biased ) fan and am from Dubai x) ,, I seriously love this show!!!

  6. you're welcome for HSJ :)
    and thanks for Ima read, now I have that song stuck in my head, great.

  7. YAY!!! Welcome. lol Wow from Dubai? That's awesome.

  8. Ugh Siwon's dad, fuck right off seriously.

    Are you guys still taking random people's drama reviews? I'm thinking about reviewing Donghae's stupid baking drama lol