Thursday, September 6, 2012

[Interview] Korean Singer LIVE in Miami!

Ever since we interviewed Korean R&B singer about 2 years ago, we here at APOPA developed a friendship with her that we never thought we could have. We were fortunate enough to have visit us in Miami and not only hang out with us but give us an improtu interview via Ustream. She is such a fantastic person inside & out and she deserves nothing but the best. Make sure to check out her music history, plus her current radio show on TBS EFM "Music Planet". It's on Monday-Friday from 12am-2am Korean time. Also, if you're in South Korea anytime soon, make sure to check out her burger joint, J's Burger! We took tons of pics! Check them out here.

Check out the ustream chat.



  1. I loved it. I already knew some of her songs but I'll pay more attention now.

  2. Please do. She's fantastic on and off stage. :)

  3. Great time watching. Good Insight, Surprisingly really down to earth n chill and surprising collab choices. Hope the Taeyang one happens and She can be the person who gives him real feedback on his current vocals.