Friday, November 2, 2012

[Show] APOPA Show #130

Week #130

Is political season over with yet????

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  • Pop that.
  • Happy Halloween!
  • Thoughts to those in the Northeast.
  • Make sure to vote!!!
  • Time to read the ELFS.
  • So what’s been up with us?
  • HE’S GONE!!!! HE’S GONE!!!!!!!!!
  • Kang Ho Dong makes his return.
  • Ice cream= Jizz
  • PSA for Jay Park & Dok2.
  • Dark like what?!?
  • WTF is up with Block B?
  • The APOPA version of what happened with Lee Michelle.
  • Oricon weekly charts.
  • Perfume open their fan club for international fans.
  • Japanese album covers suck!
  • 2012 MAMA Award nominees.
  • Heeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooo GAIN!
  • Rock corner.
  • Wake up Ana.
  • SUJU loses again.
  • PSY is coming to L.A….SHOCKER!
  • Yoochun to be in a new drama.
  • Sucks for Junsu.
  • SM Ent. Joins twitter.
  • Creepy dude….creepy.
  • NUGU corner: D-UNIT
  • Listener mail for Ana.
  • G-Dragon is…
  • 2012 FNS Kayousai line up.
  • Kara to hold a Tokyo Dome concert.
  • Steal TOP’s DNA.
  • APOPA will be at the Jersey Big Bang show.
  • Chanana Banana will be in a drama.
  • Someone is salty about K-CON.
  • Johnny’s corner.
  • Congrats Jin & Meisa.
  • Why a fax?
  • Stop being mad at Dumbfounded. Lol
  • Miss A is back.

Songs Played On This Show:
Miss- I Don’t Need A Man
AISHA- Kono Koe Karashite
Halloween Junky Orchestra- Halloween Party
Block B- Nillili Mambo
GAIN- Bloom
SHINee- Dazzling Girl Good Luv
Koda Kumi- Go To The Top
Hyuna- Ice Cream
Epik High- Don’t Hate Me
Ms. OOJA- Gips
Stephanie- Game
HOMIN- Catch Me
M Psycho Girls feat. Kim Hyung Joon& No Hyun Tae- Kiss
E.via feat. Lee Su Jung- I Know How To Play A Little
Bye Bye Sea- The Devil
Ailee- I Will Show You

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