Saturday, December 1, 2012

[Show] APOPA Show #131

Show #131!!

Drop it low bishes! Time to get your giggles on.

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  • Do you remember the time?
  • So this one time when Cyn dislocated her knee.
  • Obama is still the prez.
  • Tentative date for the “Church Show.”
  • Lots of nom for Thanksgiving.
  • What Cyn will do if she wins the Powerball.
  • Cyn is not a fan of musicals.
  • Ana’s crazy Korean neighbor got arrested….again.
  • Continue helping the Hurricane Sandy victims.
  • Cyn’s ghost adventures.
  • The verdict is in.
  • The Powerball numbers are in!!
  • Let’s have a K-pop wedding!
  • New Jersey Big Bang concert recap.
  • TOP to star in a new drama?
  • IU & Eunhyuk?!?!?!?!
  • Ayumi found a new peen to jump on.
  • Snorefest 2012 a.k.a Kohaku lineup announced.
  • No Koreans to appear in ANY Japanese end of the year shows.
  • Goto Maki to star in a porn movie?!?!
  • AKB48 members are dropping left and right.
  • YUI to halt activities.
  • PSY & Hangeng take home MTV EMA awards.
  • The SBS Gayo Daejun is upon us.
  • Zico loves dark areolas.
  • Sex polls from Japan.
  • Shoutout to the K-Town reality show crew.
  • Gangnam Style fever continues.
  • E-Sens makes sense.
  • Nothing like hiding the fact you’re married & have a kid.
  • Another female J-pop idol graduates.
  • Wang Leehom likes it dirty.
  • What’s a “special service?”
  • Japan is trying to catch up with the rest of the world.
  • Dead fish eyes comes to life.
  • Rock corner.
  • Nugu corner: Vixx
  • Email time!
  • It’s all about the illuminati.
  • “Red Dawn” comments.
  • Johnny’s Corner.
  • Taylor Swift is a little whoreish.
  • Shoutouts!
  • Church show vs MAMA Melo Awards 2012?? YOU VOTE!

Songs Played On This Show:
NE-YO feat. Beni- Let Me Love You
TVXQ- Humanoids
Boyfriend- JANUS
Namie Amuro- Hot Girls
Girls Generation- Flower Power
S.H.E.- 心還是熱
SPICA- Lonely
CRAZYNO- Musiche
FIESTAR- We Don’t Stop
Utada Hikaru- Sakura Nagashi
Ayumi Hamasaki- Song 4 U


  1. Church!! Church!! Chuuuurch!!!!!

  2. Church! Let's start the new year the right way. ;)

  3. I'll go with the popular opion for Church

  4. i'm ready to twerk in the ways of and have my life be slayed by Shisus Choi. bring on the church show!

  5. CHUUUURCH~ i am not even christian but i need SHISUS in my life~