Monday, July 20, 2009

[Show] APOPA Show # 2

Week #2 of “Asian Pop Addict Radio”. This week’s show was a complete FAIL!!! Ok, only 1/3rd of the show was fail, all due to Cyn City.

On today's show...

  • It’s Ana Pana’s Bday week!!

  • SHINee & 4 Minute, srsly what’s the big deal?!? Check out video here...
  • Cyn City gets ANOTHER personal twit message from JYP. Is she riding his peen?
  • Wonder Girls make their US tv debut on The Wendy Williams Show
  • CDTV’s Top DVD’s of 2009…FUCK#9!!
  • Ana will not shut up about TOP from Big Bang.
  • Where in the world is Utada?!?
  • Ana Pana’s “Artist Spotlight” this week is on Daichi Miura.

Let’s break shit together while listening to Maximum The Hormone!!!! WOOO!!!

Credit: fryt9208 @YT

  • 2 words…Yamapi shirtless.
  • Cyn City wants to bitch slap Ana Pana & Betty
  • Betty’s Korean Word of the Week, this week’s song isn’t horrible. A!!!!! “Korea wud up!?!?’
  • E.via’s “Oppa Can I?” is sooooo dirty but we fucking love it.
  • Rain= Legend??? Ummmm, no.
  • Cyn City’s anger level has risen beyond control.
  • Betty sings Happy Birthday in spanish. SHOCK!
  • Bloby Blow?!?!
  • The last 3 minutes of the show is an EPIC FAIL!!!!

Make sure you pick up Epik High's new album out on Wednesday July 22nd!!

Songs played on todays show:

SHINee- Juliette

Coma Chi- Sayonara

2NE1- Pretty Boy

Utada- Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence/FYI

Daichi Miura- Delete My Memories

Maximum The Hormone - Zetsubou Billy

Yamashita Tomohisa- Mola

Womens Generation- Female Generation

Crown J- I'm Good

Asian Kung fu Generation- Blackout

E.via- Oppa Can I?

Rain- Rainism

Check back next Monday for week #3 of Asian Pop Addict Radio.

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