Wednesday, July 22, 2009

[Mod] Birthday Shout Outs & Stuff

Well one of the APOPA girls is celebrating a birthday today soooo,


Today she turns......(insert random age here).

All the girls went on a little weekend getaway for her birthday and we captured some stuff on tape. You can go to and subscribe to us there.
Check out the video...

Also shout out to Tablo today is he's birthday as well. GO PICK UP REMIXING OF THE HUMAN SOUL OUT NOW!!!
We want to thank all of YOU who have listened to our first two shows and spreading the APOPA word. Much Love 2 ya'll!
Cyn City

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  1. Thought of you on your birthday, Ana! Have a great year FULL of success and happiness and LOVE. Enjoyed Show #1, laughed & learned! Haven't had a chance to listen to Show #2, but I will, looking forward to it. Thanks for the great music and BANTER. Good luck with this project!!