Monday, August 24, 2009

[Show] APOPA Show # 7

Week #7 for APOPA radio!

We were all over the place this week in terms of news and entertainment that came flowing in from the past week. Sit down and get ready for the fuckery.

Some students started school this week. I'm sure this sums up how they feel right about now.

  • Ms. Universe is RIGED!!! Ms. Dominican Republic was ROBBED!

    No asian countries in the top spots. (click to enlarge)
  • Dominicans are only good at fucking and making platanos??? WTF?!?
  • TVXQ vs. SM Entertainment situation is getting ugly.

  • We still can’t get over Jaejoong & Changmin singing “It’s Raining Men”
  • You NEED G-Dragon’s new album in yo life!

  • Big Bang TV…let’s guess which channel Ana will be watching?

  • Seungri fills in for Daesung on Family Outing.

  • English typos on Asian albums on the raise.

  • Ana is still angry at the Big Bang haters.

  • Cyn has TOP on the mind.

  • Drugs, Drugs, and more drugs.

  • The APOPA girl’s identities are reveled!!

  • All of Betty’s menz are heading into the army.

  • We all bow down to Daniel Henney’s hotness.

  • Yo, Yoona from Girls Generation…EAT A STEAK!!!

  • Do we really need ANOTHER girl group?!?!

  • HMV ranking of sexy female and male artist.

  • Seriously, wtf is Utada Hikaru??

  • Arashi’s “Truth” might pump you up before a party.

  • Do you really care about 4 Minute pushing back their album release date?

  • V6 fan girls in tha house!

Songs Played On This Weeks Show:
G-Dragon feat. CL of 2NE1 & Teddy- The Leaders
G-Dragon feat. Kush- She’s Gone
Girls Generation- Gee
Straightener- Crash
V6- Guilty
Teriyaki Boyz- Tokyo Drift
Clazziquai- The Road (Japanese version)
Ayumi Hamasaki- Sunrise
R. Tripper- Far Away
Glay- Verb

Random Video: Learn Spanish With Super Junior!


  1. Just started listening, but my mother was LOLing forever after I sent her the SuJu Spanish video.

  2. LOL it's really intresting. Though I'll give them props they did sound ok with their spanish.

    Cyn City

  3. i got your show on my Ipod *.*. I didn't listen to the whole thing yet... Eheh, I'm going to order G-Dragon's album on my B-day *.*. Can't wait for it. I like the poster part so much... and the songs are awesome. And for that macro, of it's raining men, i'm working on it :D, you gave me a really good idea.

  4. I can't wait for my copy of GD's album, heard alot of good things about it thus far. Daniel Henney is hot! That can not be denied.

    I hunted down that SuJu Sorry remix. Because of you. So, thanks for that.

  5. @ Nokaz

    Yay. I don't usually go around buying everyone's albums but looking at the package and the music i thought GD's was definitely worth it. And YES! If you can do that macro, bless your heart. :)

    @ Lala

    I don't think you'll be disappointed. And yes girl, Henney = HAWT. And every fangirl's Ipod should have Sorry Sorry remix on it lol. It's just too WIN.

    - Ana

  6. This was actually the first time that I watched Jaejoong and Changmin sing the song, I'm speachless xD

    And I don't really know how SM is thinking, is it really the best of times to be releasing a new group? With all this DBSK bullshit going on? Fuck Lee Soo Man and all of his money..

    Btw, knowing that my spanish is better than Leeteuks gives me hope in life xD

  7. LOL, it's quite a memorable video that one. Changmin and Yoochun's expressions half the time are epic.

    Pardon the expression but Lee Soo Man can suck a fat one for all i care lol. I can't think about him too much or i'll get pissed off.

    And SJ lol, they can inspire in the most unintended ways. Thanks for listening and for commenting again!

    - Ana

  8. Hey, it's 'Clazziquai', not 'Classiquai'. Just an FYI lol!

  9. @kurrehpan

    Whoops I wrote it correctly up top but I guess I must have lost my brain when I got to the bottom of the post. lol

    Thanks for the head's up.

    Cyn City

  10. Hey there!
    I LOOOOVE this podcast! It's sooo funny and already addictive..
    So keep it up girlz!!
    And, I also love TOP so please, please do the TOP's thoughts of the week segment, it's bound to be interesting.


  11. @ Migs

    Alright! What the public wants, i shall try to indulge. Top oppa is king. *pumps fist*

    And thanks for the love!!!


  12. OMG. You girls are the BEST! Please PLEASE PLEASE keep doing these radioshow podcasts, because to my knowledge, there is no KPOP/JPOP radioshow on the US that I know that is as fantastic as yours!

    I hope this radioshow would garner some attention from Asian countries to promote their music overseas! Keep up the GREAT work! You gals have my support! (What a fantastic, FANTASTIC idea!)

  13. @ Anon

    Thank you again and again. And if we did get attention it would be well, crazy lol. Though i'd love to guess what they'd think of our cursing and general perviness. In fact that alone might knock those chances out lol. Anyway thanks again! <3

    -Ana Pana

  14. I'm just caught up with episode 4 and holy crap, I did not expect a shoutout! Thank you guys. And screen name is Chinese which of course, no one can pronounce, so "my aid" works just fine. ;)

    I'm about to start watching 24hr TV right now! YAMAPII~~! I'll be thinking of you girls and can't wait for your thoughts on it. If anything epic comes up, I will leave you girls a comment so you can be up to date.

    PS. Have you seen episode 7 of Buzzer Beat?! Yamapi's kiss scene??

    I'm a mod in the Arashi fandom and I will pimp you guys there this weekend.

    PPS. AWESOME intro/outro to ep4. Gotta love old school Bon Jovi and G 'n Fucking R. :D

  15. @ maiaide

    Hey! Yes, i remember you. Glad you are getting caught up! my aide is simple enough lol. I just started watching 24 Hr Terebi as well. I don't think i'll last through most of it, but i'll tune in here and there, so if you can update us with little things here and there that'd be awesome. Of course we'll give you credit and talk about it on the show, since we won't understand most of it literally as it happens and keyhole acts ghei sometimes. Gah.

    I haven't seen Buzzer Beat yet, so i'll leave it up to Cynth to answer that, but ill watch that scene if anything lol. And i think it's awesome of you to pimp us out. It's most appreciated. We can pimp you out and give a little shout out love to your community if you give us the info before the next show Sunday night. Do keep supporting us, and thanks once again! <333

    Oh, and we LOVE our old school rock music, fo sho!


  16. I've been writing up highlights on my lj as the broadcast goes on so please feel free to check there for info. :) I'll be listening for it! I wonder if News fandom is as hardcore (... batshit crazy?) as Arashi in getting videos up in short order.

    Haha.. if you want to pimp out Arashi fanfiction you can. But you don't have to. (It's if you want to check it out.)

    I don't think episode 7 has been subbed yet and it was 15 mins longer than usual so it might take a bit longer. It was actually a good episode, the story finally picked up and made some progress. Too bad I'm going to miss it tomorrow night thought.

    I'll be looking forward to the next episode!

    -- Heather

  17. We'll make note of it all. I watched a good portion on and off of the 24 hr broadcast but good lord was keyhole acting like a bitch! Gah.

    Anyway, i'll check your LJ out. There were a few portions of the show where i got misty eyed so hopefully you might've gone over it. Thanks again!

    - Ana

  18. I love Clazziquai!! I was so happy to hear you talk about them, hehe.
    Man and I remember that time last year, like at least one member from each group had the swine flu.
    Its blurry now but I remember some group showing up with just 4 of their members because the 5th sprained his ankle or fainted or something (Onew probably, lol) and someone asked why he wasn't there and when they found out they were like "Oh I thought he had swine flu." At the time that shit was hilarious lol. I seriously think every member of SHINee had that shit, they had SuJu members filling in for them in performances lol.
    Okay I'm done rambling.