Tuesday, August 18, 2009

[Show] APOPA Show # 6

It's week #6 & Cyn City’s back from vacation and she brought some goodies!!

So much stuff went down in the week and half that Cyn was away, so get ready for a jam packed show!

  • Fact #1 about Cyn City, she is deathly afraid of flying!
  • Ana & Betty get gifts from Cyn.

  • Hey Korea! Stop taking songs from other artist!
  • Get well soon Daesung. Also G-Dragon is gay…maybe…
  • Ana bitch slaps all the Big Bang haters!
  • How fucked up are you to steal someone’s ashes??
  • Asians playing golf ftw!
  • The black dude in Buzzer Beat returns!
  • Yamapi haters in tha house!
  • Swine flu attacks the lead singer of Maximum The Hormone.
  • The 2009 “Asia Song Festival” should be renamed “Jizz Fest 2009”
  • Update on the Noriko Sakai drug story. Never judge a book by its cover.
  • Miss Universe Japan’s costume still fails.
    • A-Chan from Perfume is dating a Hey Say Jump meer?!? Wtf???
    • Our first ever Live Journal layout contest winner is announced.
    • Super Juniors “Sorry, Sorry” r&b remix is AWESOME!
    • DBSK lawsuit update.
    • SS501 seen out with girls! Sayyy whatttt!
    • KAT-TUN have pervy minds.
    • Betty’s Korean word of the week. “How much is TOP oppa?”
    • Ana proves to Cyn City that TOP has more swag than anyone else.

    • Betty has beef with ulchick418!!

    • New pic of Miyavi and his daughter Lovelie

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Songs played on this week’s show:
G-Dragon- Heatbreaker
Daesung- Look At Me, Gwisoon!
B’z- Ichibu to Zenbu
After School- Diva
Crystal Kay feat. Kaname from Chemistry- After Love First Boyfriend
Drunken Tiger- Monster
Super Junior M- Me
Ohkura Tadayoshi- Mamoritai
Cool- See Again Again
NewS- Weeek
If you want the Sorry, Sorry r&b remix then email Cyn City at cyncity@asianpopaddict.com and she'll email it to you.


  1. I'm downloading it now, but WTF did I do to Betty?! >XD

  2. LMFAO you'll see... XD

    Cyn City

  3. @ ulchick418

    When you finish listening to the show, you'll know why. I'm watching you...are you scared? You should be. I'm crazy!

    Kimchi kisses,

  4. @ Ulchick418


  5. There's about to be a GIRL FIGHT!!!

    Whoop that trick! Whoop that trick!

    Cyn City

  6. @Betty

    I made my reply in the LJ community, so I would go look there lol.



  7. LOL I love this. FINALLY Betty is showing her true self!

    Cyn City

  8. Loved the show! Top oppa *.* Pimping since 2006 or before ... And... I kinda like GD's new look. I think blonde suits him :D. And how-many-dollars for those magazines :O? I'm shocked.
    I got kinda worried, about the history of an Hey-Say-Jump member dating A-chan. I thought it was one of my fav ones (I'm a HSJ fangirl XD). Thanks for the show, updated me about Jpop/Kpop world. Keep doing a great job like that! Oh, and we're can I get that hilarious version of It's raining men from Junsu and Max?

    Kisses :D, Nokaz from Portugal

  9. @ Nokaz

    Did you see the new TOP Elle magazine layout? OMG if you didn't think he was pimpin before NOW you'll believe it!

    I'm sure Cynth can hook up the JaeMin It's Raining Men song. I'll let her know if she doesn't reply first, so check back here. Thanks for the support! <3


  10. Oh snap! Portugal in the house! lol

    Here's the youtube link...

    I still cringe watching this. If you want the mp3 rip of it then email me and I'll email it back to you. cyncity@asianpopaddict.com


  11. Great show again this week~ :)

    There seem to have been quite a few car accidents lately~ I think there were 1 or 2 other accidents recently involving celebrities but Daesung's accident seems to be the most severe~ Get well soon Daesung!

    LOL @ the miss universe part~ It's probably a handkerchief rather than a napkin. The japanese love their handkerchiefs~
    I actually really liked China's costume. It's so bold and daring~

    TOP <3333

  12. @lisazilla

    It seems some people in Korea can't drive now a days. There was the SNSD accident and Brown Eyed Girls as well I believe.

    J girls love to how off everything it seems. lol but can't hate some of them have bangin bodies.

    I liked China's as well but Ana gave me the weridest look. lol

    Cyn City

  13. Lol,when you said "G-Dragon's coming out" I was like,FINALLY someone dares to tell their true sexuality!
    But then it didn't turn out to be that so I got a little dissapointed...guess I'll still hope for Heechul or Jokwon from 2AM to come out soon XD

    And you guys made me laugh my ass off! I was listening to this at school, so everyone probably thinks that I'm batshit crazy 'cause I was sittng in a corner alone and laughing at "nothing" xD

    Big love! :D<3

  14. @ Danni

    Trust me, if that time ever comes we will spill that like within the first 15 seconds of the show lol. And yes, i'm counting on Heechul to fulfill our fangirl dreams soon.

    Thanks for loving this week's show. Being looked at strangely is but a small prie to pay for lulz. Do keep supporting us and thanx again! <3


  15. omg wtf about the G Dragon plagiarism thing!!?? I know I'm waaaay behind just now listening. The song they say it sounds like is ripping off You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) by Dead Or Alive anyway!

  16. @Betty

    I made my reply in the LJ community, so I would go look there lol.