Monday, October 5, 2009

[Show] APOPA Show # 13

Week #13

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  • Never trust a big butt and a smile.
  • Take 2!
  • Dorie-Chan in tha house!
  • We’re outsmarting Betty.
  • Betty calls out Crown J!!!!!
  • Asian artist are allergic to Miami.
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  • Betty is slowly but surely is being corrupted by Cyn & Ana.
  • Chuseok show round up.
  • Sandara looked like aunt jemima.
  • One pant leg up is OUT!
  • Tokyo out! Rio in!
  • Jaebeom update.
  • Check out a great article about the Jaebeom flying sign situation written by Icecapades.
  • Damnnnnn RC Cola…
  • Introducing the new girl group ENTICING TRICK!
  • Pick up Wheesung’s new album this week!
  • Leetuk puts his boy on blast.
  • Cyn City is the only working.
  • Drugs, drugs, and more drugs.
  • Wonder Girls webchat #2.
  • Japan’s vice minister found dead.
  • Poll made by haters.
  • Cyn starting rumors again…she’s kidding!!!!
  • Is Japan a dying nation?
  • Mc Mong is a nice guy.
  • Ana’s Artist Profile: S.H.E.
  • Crayon Shin-Chan to continue.
  • Lee Jun Kiiiiiii back in a drama.
  • Sexy actors ranking! EYEBROWS GOES DOWN!!!
  • Ghei marriage of the century!
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  • Who ask a girl out on her cyworld page?? Corny!
  • WTF does Jaejoong have?!?!?
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  • Let’s review Yoochun’s lyrics.
  • Heechul’s Thoughts.
  • Ohhh blame Cyn City for EVERYTHING that goes wrong!
  • Johnny’s Corner is full of lies!!
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  • And the Jamaican comes out…
  • Eggplant ftw!
  • Betty’s Korean Word of the Week: dadadadadaaa
  • Haters step to the side.
  • You guys need to work for your shout outs!
  • How is BETTY, getting more emails than Cyn & Ana?!?!
Songs Played On This Weeks Show:
Clazziquai- Tell Yourself
BoA feat Verbal of M-Flo-Bump, Bump
Jaebeom- Love (Musiq Soulchild cover)
Mika Nakashima- Candy Girl
SHINee- Love Like Oxygen
S.H.E.-Miss Universe
Gackt- Tsuki No Uta
SUITE CHIC -"Uh Uh,,,,,,"
Kim Hye Yeon- It’s A Snake
TVXQ- Wrong Number (Performance version)
Alan- Red Cliff (Japanese version)
Nightmare- Rem_
Mihimaru GT- Unlock
A.Tract- It’s Over
Kara- Wanna

Random Videos:

A local Seattle news station features the Jaebeom story.

Only a few more days till “Iris” 10/14!

Ohhhh Heechul…

One of our listeners, family members doing a great rendition of Bonnie Pink’s “Addiction”


  1. Because of Micky's Engrish I will NEVER listen to Purple Line again. If TVXQ ever makes their debut here with that kind of fluency, the media will EAT THEM ALIVE. I mean, the lyrics to Shelter made me cringe: "(something) of porno"? WTF

    And I have to agree, Jokwon is
    FIEEEERRRCCCCEEE ::waves finger like Tyra Banks:: That macro of him is PERFECT. LOL I think I saw that macro somewhere on Omona...

    Am I the only one who thinks that 2NE1 during the SBS special looked like TLC back in the day?

    And I actually like the NEWS DVD cover. I mean, it's not the best out there, but I like the 80's video game look. Though, admittedly, it wouldn't fit their sound. I look at the cover and I immediately think of a rock band like Boston or Journey.

  2. Hey guys thanks so much for featuring the article. When Briar and I were exchanging messages she told me this is the last time she's gonna talk about the issue, so I also think it's cool that they're "letting it go." At least let the situation cool off. Anyways WTF is up with NEWS' DVD? Are you sure it's not a pirated or illegal copy or something? I'm speechless omg. And Dara's head dress thingy... goodness. I know YG always tries to set a trend, kinda like TOP's spikey gas mask [he looks good in anything] but geez girl looks like she's got a shower cap on LOL. Stay fab, ladies!

  3. @Anthony
    I know Mickys engrish is so fail but I just have to laugh my ass off because of it. Yes, I agree if they were to come here they need to clean up their english.

    JoKwon is one fieeeeeerrrrrrcccceeeeee bitch. I mean he's the type of fierce that will be all up in the balls doing the duck walk. lmao

    Now that u mention it, ya they kinda did look a little bit like TLC.

    All I could do was just facepalm at that cover because its like wtf?? The whole tour was about elegance and lets have a party! and then that cover comes out! lmao it's like ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Thanks for listening as per usual!!
    -Cyn City

  4. @Anthony Fisher

    Micky's Engrish is it's own dialect. The porno line took the cake i think. OMG if Jo Kwon was on Tyra....SWEET! And yea, sometimes when i see 2NE1 it does remind me TLC actually. Especially CL.

    And holy shit YES LOL. That's exactly who i thoguht about seeing the cover. It's like some 70's cover. Like some ELO cover lol.

    Anyway, thanks for commenting. We have lots of <3 4 u. You guys make our day.


  5. @floatingstars

    The NEWS dvd cover is just....TERRIBLE. It's like a 70's band album cover. Johnny...srsly. He couldn't do better than that? lol.

    And Dara and her Aunt Jemima head thing....just no.

    We love u like <33333333333333. Hard and sloppy. Thanks for commenting. :)


  6. @FloatingStars

    Glad we could of some help with that article. It came out well so props to u!
    I've got no comments on that news dvd cover it just fails hard. We love ya!!!!
    -Cyn City


    There was a segment on TalkAsia I watched a while back. It's about the underground Chinese rock scene, very fascinating stuff. A big contrast from all of the sugary pop being released there.

  8. @Anthony Fisher

    I'm on it! I'll check out some stuff over the week as well. Everyone is suddenly sending us stuff outside of J-pop and K-pop to listen to lol.