Thursday, October 1, 2009

[Mod] Please Donate!

What’s up peeps?

As much as we love to bring you guys the lulz each and every week here at Asian Pop Addict, we also like to bring you awareness to certain situations.

A few days ago a couple of earthquakes and also a tsunami have rocked South East Asia causing mass destruction leaving many people dead and a lot more injured. I know times are tough in the economy right now but give what you can to help out those people over there.
If you go to this link The American Red Cross has info on how YOU can help. Every dollar counts.

To our listeners who are in the affected areas please be safe and keep us informed on your safety and anything else we can try to do.
Much Love,
Asian Pop Addict


  1. oh hey! thanks for this! :D indeed, even small donations can help a big deal.

    relief operations on the worst hit areas of the philippines are well on their way. a few places are still flooded, but mostly life has returned to normal (at least here in manila). some areas are not so lucky, since there was a strong typhoon last saturday that hit the northern part of the country.

    again, thanks so much for the concern! :D and keep up the good work!

  2. It's the least we can do from all the way here. Keep us updated.

    Cyn City