Tuesday, November 17, 2009

[Show] APOPA Show # 19

Week # 19

*Note this show was recorded on Thursday of last week and not our usual Sunday so any news that came out after Thursday was not talked about on the show*

  • WTF were they talking about?

  • Ana needs to keep the swine to herself.

  • Karaoke part 2.

  • Betty loses her damn mind on Twitter.

  • Betty vs. Cassies.

  • He's a panther!

  • Betrayed!!

  • Cyn is Cyn just accept her.

  • More TVXQ vs SM bs...

  • Yay Changmin!

  • Wow, really KBS?

  • Hwaiting korean students!


  • Flu is attacking everyone.

  • Hwaiting Aids!

  • Utada Hikaru tour dates announced...no Miami of course.

  • Heartbeat...meh

  • Gackt...nuff said.

  • Really Tokyo? Again???

  • Preview of the english version of "I'm Good" by Crown J feat. Young Dro

  • Happy Birthday Crown J!!! AAAA!!!!

  • Rankings!

  • Operation Dead Fish!!! (click here for more details)

  • Correction #deadfisheyes will be Tuesday the 17th not the 18th...lol

  • Check out Andy Suzuki!!!! http://www.andysuzukimusic.com/

    • Update on TVXQ vs ...u already know the rest...
    • I'm a genie for the world...yes the WHOLE world!
    • BoA is taking control with her new Japanese album.
    • Mighty Mouth and Golf Mike?? wtf???
    • Koreans netizens are very loyal but sometimes it goes too far.
    • Noriko Sakai will be going to college...online...from jail...
    • Korean idol training vs Japan idol training.
    • We're butchering more songs.
    • We might stop taking requests...lol
    • Happy Birthday to Dara from 2NE1!
    • Wheesung is heading to Tokyo!
    • All 5 members in Arashi in a drama? Eyebrows will be the fiercest.
    • Being fat is against the law in Japan...o'really now?
    • Haru, Haru part 2...it's even worse than last time.
    • Last week's Oricon charts.
    • Get ready for Betty's songs...you can fast foward here...
    • SHOUTOUTS!!!
    • Betty loses her damn mind over Crown J...lol
    • Reminder Operation #deadfisheyes on Tuesday!!!
    Also we are having a mini Rain show in anticipation of "Ninja Assassin" which opens in US theaters next Wednesday the 25th here in the US. So send us yall your Rain requests!!!! asianpopaddict@gmail.com

    Songs Played On This Weeks Show:
    Taeyang- Wedding Dress
    KAT-TUN- Signal
    2PM- Heartbeat
    Breakerz- Love Fighter
    MBLAQ- Oh Yeah!
    RIP Slyme- Nettaiya
    Andy Suzuki- 300 Pianos
    Girls Generation- Genie
    Fahrenheit & S.H.E.- Xin Wo
    f(x)- Chu
    5566- Let's go coming go
    Big Bang- Haru, Haru
    M-Flo feat Melody. & Ryohei- Miss You
    Zhang Li Yin- Why
    Korean Numbers
    Lee Hyun Ji- Kiss Me
    U Kiss- Man Man Ha Ni
    K.Will feat. Outsider- Hypnosis
    Tablo, MYK, & Dok2- Map The Soul Freestyle

    Random Videos:

    Andy Suzuki doing a cover of Angela Aki- Tegami
    Credit: andysuzukimusic @YT

    Rain pwns in this interivew...lol
    Credit: sixtofive1982 @YT

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