Monday, November 23, 2009

[Mod] APOPA Update...

Sup Junkies!

Just a quick head’s up that this weeks show will be posted Tuesday (tomorrow) and not today (Monday). Reason being is I got back late from Dallas last night and I didn’t want to rush into the studio and make a crappy show. So I gave us 3 an extra day to prep for the show since soooooo many stories came out while I was away on vacation. Oh yeah, and I’m coughing up a storm so that should be fun lol.

BIG THANK YOU to all of you who participated in Operation #deadfisheyes it was a HUGE success and we made it #3 on the trending topics on Twitter.
With that being said you now have mission #2. Operation #eggplant. Egg plant is a reference to Akanishi Jin from KAT-TUN. He’s releasing his first solo song with his band “Lands” for his new movie coming out in January called “Bandage”. So in celebration of his single release we want to get #eggplant on a trending topic! Lol
Here’s the info you need: (thanks to uwasako)
Official Day/Time:
Tuesday, November 24th, 4pm PST
You can check the time for your city here. Convert from USA California Los Angeles.

Stuff to remember:
- All tweets must be unlocked for them to count, so if you don't mind going public for a little while, that'd be great. :)

- Please no spam.
#eggplant #eggplant #eggplant x100 is spam. Just write what you want to write about Jin and add one #eggplant hashtag.

- If there's a stubborn trend we're trying to beat, do not put the topic in your tweet.

For example, perhaps New Moon is above #eggplant. I know you might be tempted to say something like, "New Moon needs bow down to the #eggplant," but by including "New Moon" in your tweet you have just helped their count. Am I making sense?
Got it???
Ok well now I gotta get back to work and get ready for the show so in the mean time enjoy this…lol

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