Tuesday, November 24, 2009

[Show] APOPA Show # 20

Week #20!!!! WOO HOO!!!! Damn, it’s already been 20 shows?

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  • Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting!! HI YA!

  • Ana is having an identity crisis.

  • It’s a cough fest.
  • MAMA Awards round up.
  • The fashions at MAMA were terrible!
  • Who the hell is “Supremes”?
  • And the winners are…
  • A bunch of “wtf?” moments.
  • Mixed reactions on TVXQ @ MAMA Awards.
  • SM vs MNET??
  • TVXQ…cue the drama button.
  • WTF Cassies!!! Idiots.
  • The 2009 Kohaku Uta Gassen lineup announced!
  • “Don’t call me daddy, call me music heartbreaker AAAA!!!!”
  • Tora-sama…hmmmmm
  • APOPA’s first ever guest Janine!!!
  • The Rain experience.
  • MBLAQ & SHINee gets pwnd.
  • Captain Planet, he’s our hero!
  • BoA’s 7th album cancelled!!! WTH?
  • Panthers ain’t shit! BURN!!!
  • Taeyang & Thelma Aoyama to team up?
  • Disney R&B mix? DW!
  • Tons of new releases.
  • Erika loves the night life, she loves to boogie.
  • RIP Daul Kim.
  • Live life people!
  • Ana’s Artist Profile: Bi Rain
  • He’s singing in Korean.
  • 1 member leaves and 2 join in.
  • BEAST might be leaderless?
  • Sexy lips is coming back to the US.
  • 2009 FNS Music Festival line up.
  • Tons of Johnny’s News.
  • All the polls are rigid.
  • Code Blue 2!!!!
  • Seriously Yamapi, t shirts???
  • Did you see Akanishi Jin? No, did you SEE him??? HAWT!
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  • Operation #deadfisheyes was a SUCCESS!!!
  • Now onto operation #eggplant.
  • Also an Arashi twitter mission.
  • DNW new SM boy band.
  • Wth want’s to steal AKB48’s fan mail?
  • Poor short guys.
  • MBLAQ corner.
  • Betty’s Korean Word of The Week.

Songs Played On This Week’s Show:

Rain- Rainism
Miliyah Kato- Why
Crown J feat Young Dro- I’m Good (English version)
Rain- In The Club
4 Minute- What A Girl Wants
TVXQ- Purple Line (Japanese version)
Rain- Fresh Woman
After School- Because Of You
CL & Minzy- Please Don’t Go
Lands- Bandage
Rain- But I Love You
Yamashita Tomohisa- ME
Icon feat Eun Ji Won- Beautiful Lady
Drunken Tiger feat. Tasha- True Romance

Random Videos:

Akanishi Jin with his band “Lands”, this is their first PV “Bandage” HOT!
Credit: animefangirlfreakVAA @YT

Female korean rappers doing their thang at the MAMA Awards…T COME BACK!!!
Credit: CodeMonmonSeason5 @ YT

Ninja Assassin Trailer IN LEGO!
Credit: Keshen8 @YT

Yoochun, JJ, Junsu! DBSK wins Best Asia Star @ MAMA, 11/21/09 (Full Version)
Credit: mickytohos @YT


  1. When I first saw that AKB48 clip I was loling. The korean artists all had "..." expressions on their faces but I kinda feel bad for them now...

    Wtf is wrong with the Cassies who stole the song! I just don't get people sometimes. *angry*

    Yaaay for flumpool and arashi @ kohaku!
    AKB48 actually sell pretty well... Never doubt power of the fans o_o;;
    A lot of people had the same reaction to NYC boys being on the list~ They cant go on Johnny's countdown cos they're underaged so Johnny got them on Kohaku.

    I enjoyed the Ninja Assassin part~ Lmao @ the part when you guys were going to sing for Janine's sister.
    "1, 2, 3! AHAHAAHAHAHAHAA"

  2. @Lisazilla
    I am still smh as to why they were even there in the first place.

    Cassies...I have nothing more to say about that situation.

    I know AKB48 sold pretty well but they suck!!! lol

    We are dorks.

    Thanks for listening!!

    -Cyn City